ADAA 24/7 News Brief
Jul. 3, 2012

How the Supreme Court's ruling affects dental care
Long overlooked as a secondary aspect of health care, dental care is an important element of overall health, experts say. the high cost of care keeps more than 100 million Americans out of the dentist’s chair — and in danger of developing serious health problems as a result. The Affordable Care Act requires insurers to offer dental care for children, but not adults, leaving "improvement in access to oral health for adults a continuing challenge," the Kaiser Family Foundation's Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured wrote recently in a policy brief.More

A higher power for Virginia dental assistants
The Washington Times
A proposal that would allow a new class of dental assistants in Virginia to work in patients' mouths with high-speed instruments has many in the professional community gnashing their teeth. The state Board of Dentistry is scheduled on Friday to take up the matter, which was proposed by Denice Burnette, the only dental assistant II (DAII) in the state. "DAIIs," effective March 2011, require much more extensive schooling and training than regular dental assistants.More

Well beyond the oral-systemic curve
The associations between the mouth and the body are being incorporated into dental and medical practice with increasing frequency. Public awareness of the impact of oral disease on general health is currently very high. It is an exciting time in the dental profession, and the benefits to our patients are increasing virtually every day. A particularly dramatic example of this approach to patient care is occurring right now.More

Reaching up and reaching out: The extended functions dental assistant
Inside Dental Assisting
In the beginning, dental assistants were referred to as "ladies in attendance"—in order to make it respectable for a woman patient to visit the dental office unaccompanied. Back in the late 19th century, Dr. Edmund Kell hired the first three dental assistants to assist him with his patient care. However, today the same work is now accomplished with just one highly skilled and trained professional. The dental assistant has proven to be a necessity in the modern dental practice, with ever increasing educational and career opportunities.More

5 keys to effectively communicating appreciation to your colleagues
Dentistry IQ
Dentists and teams around the country are saying the same thing:

Research confirms that there are serious problems developing in the workplace today. The workplace environment can change for the better, but many recognition efforts by dentists and team members are misguided and wind up being a waste of time and effort. Why? More

Cosmetic dentistry turns right
Inside Dentistry
Reality makeover show "reveals"notwithstanding, quick-fix cosmetic dentistry seems to have gone the way of the windblown face facelift and cookie-cutter nose job. That such dramatic dental overhauls have fallen out of favor is due to a combination of factors — including the impact of the global recession on patients' budgets, which has prompted a trend toward subtler, more "staged" interventions. But a new emphasis on so-called conservative cosmetic dentistry also reflects a movement toward the use of new materials and approaches that emphasize long-term preservation of the dentition and more natural-looking improvements in tooth-color and smile design. More

A truck is no match for his teeth
The New York Times
Mike Greenstein, 91, strode through the lobby of his apartment building in Rockaway, Queens, N.Y., where the usual afternoon gang was gabbing away. "Be back in a minute," he said, jangling his car keys. "Going to go pull my car with my teeth." No one batted an eye. Greenstein's pulling cars with his teeth is old hat around here. Everyone knows his father was Joe Greenstein, the Mighty Atom, one of the last, great old-time strongmen. More

Gum disease linked to oral cancer virus
Medical News Today
The British Dental Health Foundation is looking to educate the public on good oral health after scientists discovered severe gum disease could be linked to an increased risk of head and neck cancer cases caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The study found patients with HPV-positive tumours had significantly higher bone loss, a key factor in the development of severe gum disease, compared with patients with HPV-negative tumors. More

Australopithecus sediba: The wood-eating hominid
Smithsonian Magazine
Sometimes it's good to have something stuck in your teeth — good for science, anyway. New research on food particles clinging to 2-million-year-old teeth reveal Australopithecus sediba, a possible ancestor of the genus Homo, had unusual dining habits for a hominid: The species consumed wood. More

Do oxalates reduce dentin hypersensitivity?
Dr. Bicuspid
A systematic review published last year in the Journal of Dental Research found little evidence to support the use of oxalates for treating dentin hypersensitivity. Now a critical summary by the ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry's review council lends further support to these findings in the Journal of the American Dental Association.More

Importance of oral hygiene
Dentistry IQ
The desire for white, stain-free teeth has been evident for hundreds of years. We only visit the dentist to amend our teeth or to beautify our smile. But recent research has shown that the importance of oral health is far greater than that.More