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Feb. 13, 2014

President's message: Looking for a reason to be a member of AEG? What are the benefits of being a member?
Why join AEG? Things are really happening at the local level and, AEG President Gary Luce couldn't be prouder and more humbled at the direction AEG is going. Come join AEG in taking environmental and engineering geology to the forefront of geoprofessional practice.More

AEG: Meet Diana Cook
The AEG Insider is proud to announce that we will feature short bios for either one of the six AEG Insider editors or a leader in the AEG community. Here is an introduction to one of the AEG leaders — Diana Cook.More

Q&A from the 2013 Needs Assessment Survey
The AEG Needs Assessment Team once again thanks everyone who participated in the 2013 online survey. The results of the survey and the verbatim comments were turned over to the committees that were formed to implement the recommendations. Our survey partner, the Loyalty Research Center, provided us all of the verbatim response comments in an anonymous format.More

Notice something different?
If you have renewed your membership online, thank you. You undoubtedly noticed that the online renewal process had a few extra steps. AEG is working hard to collect important information on our members, such as licenses held and degrees earned.

We appreciate the time you take to update this demographic information. It will help AEG as we continue the Needs Assessment work and refine our products and services. We also know that the new online renewal form had some glitches. As a new program, we tested various scenarios but did not catch all possible issues that could occur. Thank you for being patient. We have worked with our programmers to correct the errors. We hope anyone who experienced issues renewing online contacted us so we could fix the problem and continue their membership.

If you know any member who has not renewed yet, please encourage them to renew today. More

Photos needed: Can you help?
Paul Weaver of the AEG Advocacy Committee is just about finished with a new AEG Public Outreach PowerPoint presentation. This slide show will be available to all members of AEG to use when giving outreach talks to general audiences. There are photos still needed, however, to complete the presentation.More

AEG Annual Report and Directory now online
The 2013 Annual Report and 2014 Directory are now available online. Sign in to the AEG website, and then click on "Publications" and the "Annual Report & Directory." This is available to current members only, and you will need to be logged in to view the issue. More

US lead in science and technology shrinking: Emerging economies shifting global S&T landscape
National Science Board
The United States' predominance in science and technology eroded further during the last decade, as several Asian nations — particularly China and South Korea — rapidly increased their innovation capacities. According to a new report released by the National Science Board, the policy making body of the National Science Foundation and an adviser to the president and Congress, the major Asian economies, taken together, now perform a larger share of global R&D than the U.S., and China performs nearly as much of the world's high-tech manufacturing as the U.S. More

Is there an ocean beneath our feet?
Geology Times
Scientists at the University of Liverpool have shown that deep sea fault zones could transport much larger amounts of water from the Earth's oceans to the upper mantle than previously thought.More

AEG: Meet Alex Rutledge
The AEG Insider is proud to announce that we will feature short bios for either one of the six AEG Insider editors or a leader in the AEG community. Here is an introduction to one of the AEG leaders — Alex Rutledge.More

Study: Warring trolls explanation for mysterious basalt pillars revised
EARTH Magazine
Peculiar basalt pillars found in Iceland — attributed in local lore to a pair of angry trolls hurling projectiles at each other — are having their origin story updated.More

Science highlights

Here are some of the top stories around the world:


'Geosciences Bulletin Board' update
The format of the AEG Insider has changed recently with a new compilation of links to earth science news articles. Readers interested in continuing to receive the weekly "Geosciences Bulletin Board" should contact Elaine Hanford for email distribution. Please send an email with the word "Subscribe" in the subject line. AEG would like to thank Elaine for her efforts and support of the AEG Insider.More