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Feb. 14, 2013

AEG 56th Annual Meeting in Seattle
Come celebrate the AEG Washington Section's 50th Anniversary with your fellow environmental and engineering geologists Sept. 8-15, and enjoy the natural beauty and diverse dining, cultural and entertainment attractions of the Seattle area. Click here for more information. Abstracts for oral talks and posters may be submitted until May 1 here. The current planned symposia are listed below, but abstracts on all environmental and engineering geology topics are welcome.



New AEG Corporate Relations Director
Serin Duplantis Bussell, the 2012 Douglas R. Piteau Award Winner, is working as the new AEG Corporate Relations Director. Becky Roland, of Phoenix-AMC, and Bussell, of Pivotal Nonprofit Solutions LLC, will now be working together to conduct the business of the association. Bussell has more than 10 years of experience with AEG.More

Drilling demo at 56th Annual Meeting needing course instructors
The AEG is looking for volunteers to serve as instructors for a one-day Student Field Workshop during the 56th Annual Meeting in Seattle. The workshop is designed to demonstrate drilling equipment as well as soil/groundwater sampling techniques, and it will provide hands-on opportunities for the attendees, mainly current and recently graduated students.

Several years of experience in the environmental, geotechnical, natural resource or related fields and knowledge of local geology is preferred. Please contact the Student & Young Professional Support Committee Co-Chairs, Nate Saraceno and Adair Gallisdorfer for more information and to sign up to lead this workshop.More

AEG Shlemon Conference: Dam foundation failures and incidents
The next Shlemon Specialty Conference will be held May 16-17 in Denver. The focus of the conference will be a detailed review of select dam failures and incidents to provide a "lessons learned" to practicing engineering geologists. Click here for additional information.More

SAIEG AEG Conference: 'Life After Mining — Enviro-Geotechnical Answers to Development, Surface Stability, Seismicity, Water and Air Pollution" | March 7-8
AEG will team up with the South African Institute for Engineering & Environmental Geologists March 7-8 for a conference in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa. The purpose of the conference is to provide an "enviro-geotechnical" look at seismic, water and air pollution issues with a view to provide "lessons learned" to practicing environmental and engineering geologists, engineers, architects and town planners, as well as government agencies involved in the planning for and the management of so-called "mining land."More

2013 Outstanding Section Awards
Section chairs, don't forget to submit your 2013 Outstanding Section Award application this year to be eligible to be awarded $750 for your section. Outstanding Section Award applications are due and can be submitted via email by Aug. 14, which is 30 days prior to the annual board meeting to be held in Seattle.

You MUST complete and submit the Outstanding Section Award application in order to be eligible to be "Outstanding Section of the Year." This award was established by the Board of Directors in 2001 to honor a section of the association judged to excel in a number of areas, including professional activities, communications, membership and networking.More

Section reports solicitation
Section chairs: Please be sure to submit a summary of your section activities to Anna Saindon, AEG NEWS editor, to be published quarterly in the Homefront section of the AEG NEWS. The next deadline for submittals in the AEG NEWS is April 30, which will run for the June issue. Please provide a summary of your section meetings, field trips, outreach events, student events, fundraisers, etc., so that other AEG members can learn about your section's activities.More

Graduate student video on sequestration wins prize
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
The MIT Stand with Science team, a group of graduate students, submitted the winning entry in the Stand Up for Science contest. The team will receive a $10,000 prize for their video, "What's Next," which underscores the importance of federal funding to science and technology and also highlights the adverse consequences that across the board spending cuts, also known as sequestration, could have on research. More

The State Geologists Journal
Association of American State Geologists
The Association of American State Geologists has issued the State Geologists Journal. Check out the 136-page document here.More

Seeking award nominations
Please submit your AEG Awards nominations by March 15. It's time to submit nominations for Honorary Member, Claire P. Holdredge Award, Floyd T. Johnston Service Award, Karl and Ruth Terzaghi Mentor Award and Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Engineering Geology Award. Please submit your nominations to AEG Headquarters by the deadline. The 2012 AEG Awards were presented to the honorees at the Annual Banquet.More

Help bring AEG benefits to students
While AEG boasts more than 1,000 student members, only 29 student chapters currently exist to support our future professionals. To address this issue, the AEG Student & Young Professional Support Committee has begun a University Outreach program to promote AEG and establish new student chapters.More

LANL summer internship available in geophysics
Los Alamos National Laboratory
SAGE, the Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience, is a unique educational program designed to introduce students in geophysics and related fields to hands-on geophysical exploration and research. The program emphasizes both teaching of field methods and research related to basic science and a variety of applied problems. SAGE is hosted by the National Security Education Center and the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.More

Roy J. Shlemon Scholarship Award for students
Environmental & Engineering Geology Division
Applications for the Geological Society of America Roy J. Shlemon Scholarship award for students are due March 15. The award supports graduate students with the best research proposals within the broad field of environmental and engineering geology. Scholarship award amounts vary from year to year, and the Environmental & Engineering Geology Division attempts to award at least one scholarship for master's-level research and one for doctoral-level research.More

SEDHYD 2014 call for papers
SEDHYD 2014 is a joint meeting of the 10th Federal Interagency Sedimentation Conference and the 5th Federal Interagency Hydrologic Modeling Conference that will be held in Reno, Nev., March 23-27, 2014. The deadline for submitting abstracts is March 15 of this year. Visit here for the SEDHYD 2014 call for papers.

Please note that abstracts submitted now will not be printed or made available. When authors prepare their technical papers or poster papers, they can finalize their abstract in the paper, which will be included in the digital conference proceedings. The proceedings from the last joint conference in 2010 are posted here.More

GSA Cordilleran Section Meeting & Annual Meeting
The Geological Society of America
The Geological Society of America Cordilleran Section Meeting abstract deadline is Tuesday, Feb. 19. There are several theme sessions on environmental and engineering geology topics, which can be found here. We encourage you to submit an abstract and/or attend the Section Meeting.

We would also like to invite you to participate in the upcoming GSA Annual Meeting Oct. 27-30, in Denver. We will likely have topical sessions at this meeting focused on environmental and engineering geology. 2013 is the 125th anniversary of GSA, and the Environmental & Engineering Geology Division would like you to come celebrate with us.More

AEG wants to know how you conduct public outreach
AEG, through various committees — including Strategic Planning, Advocacy, and Membership & Messaging, to name a few — is seeking information from our members about what you do to conduct public outreach. Have you helped scouts get a belt loop or merit badge? Have you spoken to K-12 students about environmental and engineering geology? Do you present to university or college students? Have you spoken to other associations, like the Rotary Club, about what you do? Please share your stories and send them to Serin Bussell. Click here for more information.More

Looking for a job?
At AEG Careers page, you can search for jobs in the fields of environmental geology, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, academics and many more. New jobs are posted every day. If you're looking for your first job, a change of scene or looking to get back in the game, look no further. Post your resume today and start receiving job alerts now.More

Looking to hire?
Visit the AEG Careers page to post your position for as little as $495. If you're searching for someone with the skills you need and the professional background you're looking for, then you've come to the right place. Many AEG Members actively participate in continuing education workshops and attend technical session seminars to further their professional development and technical knowledge. Hire an AEG member today. More

Curiosity rover completes 1st drill into Mars rock
The Associated Press via Yahoo News
In a Mars first, the Curiosity rover drilled into a rock and prepared to dump an aspirin-sized pinch of powder into its onboard laboratories for closer inspection. The feat marked yet another milestone for the car-size rover, which landed last summer to much fanfare on an ambitious hunt to determine whether environmental conditions were favorable for microbes.More

New date seen for creation of Himalayas
Space Daily
The tectonic plate collision between India and Asia that created the Himalayas may have occurred 10 million years later than previously thought, geologists have said. India, moving northward at a rapid pace, crushed up against Eurasia and created a "crumple zone" we now know as the Himalayan mountains, but analysis of rocks from two regions in the mountains suggest there were actually two collisions, they said.More

Volcano location could be greenhouse-icehouse key
A new Rice University-led study finds the real estate mantra "location, location, location" may also explain one of Earth's enduring climate mysteries. The study suggests that Earth's repeated flip-flopping between greenhouse and icehouse states over the past 500 million years may have been driven by the episodic flare-up of volcanoes at key locations where enormous amounts of carbon dioxide are poised for release into the atmosphere.More

Geosciences Bulletin Board


New kind of extinct flying reptile discovered
Science Daily
A new kind of pterosaur, a flying reptile from the time of the dinosaurs, has been identified by scientists from the Transylvanian Museum Society in Romania, the University of Southampton in the U.K. and the Museau Nacional in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.More

Moon could have formed from Earth after all:
Reviving and revising the giant impact theory

Earth Magazine
Scientists are revisiting the age-old question of how Earth's moon formed. New models indicate that it could have been born from the Earth following a giant collision after all. The idea of a moon-forming collision is not new. The giant impact theory — the idea that a catastrophic collision about 4.5 billion years ago between Earth and a protoplanet about half Earth's size created a disk of molten rock, gas and debris that consolidated to form the moon — was first set forth in the mid-1970s.More

US geologist's 'spy' cameras confiscated in Nepal
Scientific American
Video cameras bolted into a glacial peak at roughly 4,800 meters in the Himalayas have touched off a small international incident that has derailed a U.S. researcher's doctoral work. According to Ulyana Horodyskyj, a geologist at the University of Colorado at Boulder, a reporter claimed cameras "were used to spy on China — since we're so close to the border — and so the government confiscated them."More