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Mar. 6, 2014

AEG: Meet Texas Section Chair Eric Walston
The AEG Insider is proud to announce that we will feature short bios for either one of the six AEG Insider editors or a leader in the AEG community. Here is an introduction to one of the AEG leaders — Texas Section Chair Eric Walston, P.G.

AEG NEWS print copies
AEG NEWS is still available in print upon request. We appreciate the savings our members provide when they opt for the digital version, but if you would like to still receive paper copies please do the following:

Please keep in mind that the directory is available in print and has already been mailed to those members requesting a print copy (mailed in January). Environmental & Engineering Geoscience journal is available in print for $35 per year. If you would like print copies of either of these publications, please contact AEG Headquarters via email or by phone at 303-757-2926. More

Are you a member of IAEG?
The International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment was founded in 1964 and is affiliated to the International Union of Geological Sciences. IAEG is a worldwide scientific society with more than 5,200 members and 59 national groups. AEG members can join IAEG for $17 per year for membership only, or $50 per year for membership plus the bulletin.More

China Rainbow Mountains submission
In case you missed it, the article on the China Rainbow Mountains contained photos that were altered for color. For a view of the formation in much appreciated real color, go here.

While we do review each submission, we do not always catch enhanced photos or videos. We apologize for the oversight on this article.More

'Geosciences Bulletin Board'
Readers interested in continuing to receive the weekly "Geosciences Bulletin Board" should contact Elaine Hanford for email distribution. Please send an email with the word "Subscribe" in the subject line. AEG would like to thank Elaine for her efforts and support of the AEG Insider.More

Tsunamis from the sky: Can meteotsunamis be forecast?
EARTH Magazine
Meteotsunamis have much lower wave heights than geophysical tsunamis, which are triggered by earthquakes, landslides or submarine volcanism.More

AEG: Meet Jessica and Humble and Pancho Garza
The AEG Insider normally features short bios either for one of the six AEG Insider editors or a leader in the AEG community. Here are introductions to two of the AEG leaders — Jessica Humble and Pancho Garza.


Volcanoes contribute to recent warming 'hiatus'
Geology Times
Volcanic eruptions in the early part of the 21st century have cooled the planet, according to a study led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This cooling partly offset the warming produced by greenhouse gases.More

Scientific and Engineering Indicators 2014 State Data Tool
National Science Foundation
Science and Engineering Indicators 2014 in HTML format is now available. This release includes the State Data Tool, which provides a wealth of information on science and technology infrastructure by state and allows in-depth exploration of these data. The tables and figures provided in Science and Engineering Indicators 2014 are also now available for download in Excel and image formats.More

Science highlights

Here are some of the top stories around the world:


Close the Innovation Deficit: Creative video launched urging Congress to support federal investments in research
Close the Innovation Deficit via Association of American Universities
With President Barack Obama's fiscal year 2015 budget proposal due and the appropriations season starting on Capitol Hill, a coalition of 14 business, higher education and scientific organizations have launched a creative video that urges Congress to "Close the Innovation Deficit" with strong federal investments in research and higher education.

The four-minute video, featuring rapidly hand-drawn images and text, explains the direct link between basic research, economic growth, improved medical treatments and national security; the risk that recent cuts to research pose to the United States' role as the global innovation leader at a time when other nations are rapidly increasing their research investments; and the significant benefits that renewed investments in research would bring the country.More