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Sep. 19, 2013

AEG: Meet Casey Dowling
The AEG Insider is proud to announce that we will feature short bios for either one of the six AEG Insider editors or a leader in the AEG community. Here is an introduction to one of AEG's outstanding student members — Casey Dowling.


Thank you for making the 56th AEG Annual Meeting a success
Congratulations to Annual Meeting Co-Chairs, Mark Molinari and Kathy Troost and the entire Annual Meeting Committee for their outstanding accomplishments in planning and coordinating this year's Annual Meeting. Thank you to our sponsors, exhibitors, student volunteers, staff and meeting attendees for contributing to the meeting's success. There were a number of high points at this year's Annual Meeting. Some of those are included here.More

Students and professions connect — we all win!
The Student and Professional Networking Reception was held on Tuesday, Sept. 10, at the 56th AEG Annual Meeting in Seattle. The event hosted over 70 attendees, who talked about careers, coursework, field work and a variety of other topics.More

How does AEG advocate on your behalf and for the profession?
There are many ways AEG and its members advocate on your behalf. AEG members participate at Geoscience Congressional Visit Days, act to protect professional licensure, conduct individual acts of advocacy on a local level and much more. To share your advocacy stories, please contact Advocacy Committee Co-Chairs, Rick Kolb and Dan Vellone.More

Become a Visiting Professional today
The goal of the AEG Visiting Professional Program is to increase advocacy for AEG and the professions of engineering geology, environmental geology and related fields. This can be accomplished by AEG members who volunteer their time in order to share their experiences with other professionals, community members, students and others. Visiting Professionals go to local colleges, universities and K-12 institutions to discuss case histories, describe careers in the geosciences and lead field trips for students.More

Impact of federal agencies on the professional development of early-career underrepresented minority faculty in the geosciences
American Geosciences Institute
In April 2012, the American Geosciences Institute and the National Academy of Engineering held a workshop for underrepresented minorities pursuing faculty and academic geoscience careers. All participants were either in their final years of pursuing a Ph.D., in a post-doc position or recently hired faculty members.

Attendees at the workshop completed a total of six surveys — one before the workshop, one immediately after the workshop and again at three, six, 10 and 13 months following the workshop. In all six surveys, attendees were asked to rate themselves on five characteristics related to the workshop sessions, estimate how frequently they do certain activities and rate their confidence in doing those same activities.More

No more lousy PowerPoint slides
The Geological Society of America
Too many PowerPoint and other visual presentations are positively lousy. The graphics or the text on the slides are illegible. Illustrations directly imported into PowerPoint from a printed page or the Internet are routinely lousy, especially if two or more such illustrations are placed on a single slide. The most effective slides are those expressly crafted for a visual presentation. However, remedial techniques can make published illustrations effective. The key to creating effective slides is to make both images and text sufficiently large and simple.More

Video: Dash cam video Driver engulfed in Taiwan landslide
The following is a dash-camera video of a driver engulfed in a landslide in Taiwan. The driver narrowly escapes major damage from a huge boulder.More

Drone takes striking footage of Santa Cruz, Calif., from above
Yahoo News
Filmmaker Eric Cheng strapped a GoPro HD camera to a DJI Phantom Quadcopter and used a remote monitor to capture footage of Steamer Lane, a popular stretch for surfers in Santa Cruz, Calif., highlighting the scenic coastline.More

Time lapse of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge construction
Laughing Squid
EarthCam made this impressive time-lapse video of the construction of the new span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Photos by photographer Benjy Feen of the first vehicles to drive over the bridge's new span were previously posted.More

Turn a trip to Plymouth into a lesson in New Hampshire's geology
Concord Monitor
New Hampshire's landscape can often seem like one giant outdoor classroom, full of places where nature lessons come blended with bouts of running, crawling, climbing and splashing. But dig below the Earth's surface, and you may discover a whole new way to amaze your kids with Mother Nature.More

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