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Oct. 24, 2013

AEG: Meet Matthew Howe
The AEG Insider is proud to announce that we will feature short bios for either one of the six AEG Insider editors or a leader in the AEG community. Here is an introduction to one of the AEG leaders — Matthew Howe.


On AEG networking opportunities: Deb Green
Deb Green, AEG member of the Rocky Mountain Section, talks about how AEG "provides networking opportunities that range from personal conversations at Section and Annual Meetings to global e-connections." Green adds that all of the job interviews she had after finishing her master's degree "were with people who had seen me present my research at a Section or Annual Meeting."More

AEG NEWS deadlines is Oct. 31
Only one week left to get in any news of the association or homefront articles you were thinking about writing for the December issue of AEG NEWS. We are also accepting technical article ideas for the March issue. Submit your articles and ideas to AEG NEWS Editor Anna Saindon here. Remember to read the Style Guidelines located on the webpage before submitting. Thank you!More

Environmental & Engineering Geoscience table of contents alert
A new issue of Environmental & Engineering Geoscience is available online here. A table of contents is available online here. More

AGI Geoscience Currents no. 79: Internship experiences of recent
geoscience graduates

American Geoscience Institute
The American Geosciences Institute's National Geoscience Student Exit Survey measures the relevant experiences in schools and the immediate career plans upon graduation of recent geoscience degree recipients. In the spring, AGI distributed this survey nationally and received 428 responses from 71 geoscience departments. This Currents examines the results from questions focused on the survey participants' experiences with internships.More

Earth Science Week Update
American Geosciences Institute via AEG
The following is the latest Earth Science Week Update, courtesy of the American Geosciences Institute. AGI is a nonprofit federation of 50 geoscientific and professional associations that represents more than 250,000 geologists, geophysicists and other earth scientists. More

Errata and corrections: 2013 status of recent geoscience graduates report
American Geosciences Institute
Please be advised on a newly corrected version of the 2013 Status of Recent Geoscience Graduates report. An error was found in the title and x-axis labels on the figure on page 20. The data in the figure displays geoscience graduates that are seeking, or have accepted, a job position outside of the geosciences. The associated text has been changed and now correctly represents the data presented. More

AEG: Meet Nathan Saraceno
The AEG Insider is proud to announce that we will feature short bios for either one of the six AEG Insider editors or a leader in the AEG community. Here is an introduction to one of the AEG leaders — Nathan Saraceno.More

Update on Louisiana's Professional Geoscience Practices Act
The New Orleans Geological Society
Here is an important update on the Louisiana's Professional Geoscience Practices Act. There have been major changes that you need to know.More

Video celebration: 100 years of X-ray crystallography
The Guardian
X-ray crystallography is one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century. This animated journey through its 100 year history begins with the pioneering work of William and Lawrence Bragg in 1913 and ends on the surface of Mars.More

Groundbreaking report details status of US secondary Earth science education
American Geosciences Institute via EurekAlert
The Center for Geoscience Education and Public Understanding at the American Geosciences Institute has released a landmark report on the status of Earth Science education in U.S. middle and high schools, describing in detail significant gaps between identified priorities and lagging practice.More

Geoscientists shake up Capitol Hill
The Geological Society of America
More than 70 geoscientists from 12 societies came to Washington, D.C., to advocate for geoscience funding, including representatives from the GSA Executive Committee and Geology and Society Division leadership, as part of Geosciences Congressional Visits Day Sept. 17 and 18. Participants held about 150 meetings with members of Congress and their staff to discuss the importance of geoscience education and research to the nation.More

Geosciences Bulletin Board

Compiled by Elaine J. Hanford


Port Townsend bluff collapse caught on video
VideoBriefCharles Steurer and his girlfriend went for a walk on the beach near Port Townsend and ended up being eyewitnesses to a natural wonder. They were at the base of the bluffs when a section of the bluff began to crumble away. What they saw next was captured on video by the owner of the local newspaper.More

Taking the Internet underwater
University at Buffalo
Wireless networks span the globe. But like a frightened toddler, they don't go underwater. That may soon change because University at Buffalo researchers are developing a deep-sea Internet. The technological breakthrough could lead to improvements in tsunami detection, offshore oil and natural gas exploration, surveillance, pollution monitoring and other activities.More