AGTA ePrism
May 13, 2009

AGTA Requires Andesine Disclosure
from AGTA
Since its inception, the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) has required that its members disclose all known gemstone treatments at the time of consignment or sale. With this in mind, the AGTA’s Industry Rules Committee recently prepared a statement concerning the proper disclosure nomenclature for andesine. The statement was approved by the AGTA Board of Directors in their April 13th meeting. More

Natural Stones a New Trend
from Delaware Online
The jewelry getting the most attention this spring leaves the flashy carats behind and seems to draw its inspiration from the mineral samples in a science museum gift shop. Agate, malachite, moonlight crystal, quartz and shimmering drusies are set in gold, wrapped in wire, strung as pendants or faceted as cocktail rings in ways that showcase the best of what nature has to offer. More

Marketing to the Modern Woman
from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Because a majority of women now work outside the home while juggling family responsibilities, few of them have time to absorb traditional commercial messages, said Ms. Skoloda, author of "Too Busy to Shop: Marketing to 'Multi-Minding' Women" that was published in March. More

Rio Tinto Launches Champagne Diamond Design Competition
from IDEX
Rio Tinto Diamonds has launched a jewelry design contest aimed at promoting champagne diamonds. Rio Tinto's Argyle diamond mine in Australia is a leading supplier of these goods. The Champagne Diamond Design Competition intends to attract new jewelry designers who will be inspired to showcase the full color range of champagne diamonds in new and innovative designs. More

Trend Alert: Bib Necklaces
from Female First UK
We all love a bit of neck candy, and as the sun continues to shine, what better way to update your look than with a bib necklace? Dolce & Gabbana, Marni, Louis Vuitton and Andrew GN all showed the look on their SS09 catwalks, which just goes to show you how popular a trend it is for the upcoming months. More

Blue Hues Great Fashion News
from News OK
Get in the mood for blue. Waves of aqua and sky, navy and cobalt, marine and turquoise, each as tempting as a dip in the Caribbean Sea, swept down the runway during the spring 2009 designer shows. It was as if designers knew eight months ago that women would need a vacation now, even if only a mental one. More

How the Wealthy are Spending Their Money
from Luxist
Last week, Luxist sat down with representatives from American Express Publishing and Harrison Group to see a presentation and discuss a question which is on many of our minds: How are the wealthy reacting to the recession? More

Tori Spelling’s New Bling
from Entertainment Tonight
For their anniversary, Dean bought Tori a gorgeous diamond ring from Neil Lane jewelry. The ring has a round white diamond and a fancy round yellow diamond set side by side, which symbolize the romantic French expression "tui em moi" you and I, forever. More