May 26, 2010

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Green makes a dazzling return
The New York Times
Unlike mere minerals, gemstones possess an alchemic mix of beauty, durability and rarity. Emerald, however, goes one better. Prized by the Romans, the Incas, the Moguls and the czars, it lays claim to one of the gem trade's longest and most illustrious histories. And therein lies the rub. During the designer renaissance of the past 20 years, emerald became a victim of its own highfalutin image.More

CIBJO publishes updated gemstone book
CIBJO has released the latest version of the Gemstone Book, the World Jewellery Confederation announced May 24. The book is one of CIBJO's Blue Books, a set of standards for the grading, standards terminology and nomenclature for the jewelry industry. This is the third book released since the CIBJO Congress in Munich, Germany, in February. The first was the Pearl Book, followed by the Precious Metals Book released earlier this month.More

Cannes jewelry gawk fest
Jewelry Insider
Cannes Film Festival jewelry gawking is one of my favorite pastimes. This event, unlike any other, is where the rich and richer get to bring out their baubles and swing' em around for all to see. We have princesses, queens, celebrities and model types -- all dripping in diamonds for your drooling pleasure. Who wore your favorite look? Here is a dynamic diamond duo of (model?) Hofit Golan and Lady Victoria Hervey. If the jewelry world had superheroes, they'd have some serious wonder twin powers.More

And what happens with the beaded cultured pearls?
Following our recent press release on beadless cultured pearls (also called "Keshi" in the trade), we received many positive reactions from the trade. As there were also questions about beaded cultured pearls, we would like to inform the trade, that developments in pearl cultivation is not only restricted to the beadless cultured pearls, but also includes the use of new bead materials in beaded cultured pearls. We have encountered so far the following "new" beads, especially used for pearl cultivation in Pinctada maxima (Silverlipped and Goldlipped pearl oyster).More

AGL offers AGTA members 10% discount at AGTA GemFair Las Vegas
American Gemological Laboratories
American Gemological Laboratories will be performing on-site testing of colored stones for Identification, Enhancement and Origin reports June 2 to 7. As part of AGL's outreach program to support national and international clients, staff members will be available to provide the same high-quality reporting services that are a staple of our New York-based operations.More

Opal: Delicate beauty in a watery orb
The New York Times
On a recent trip to this town in the state of Piauí, in "the middle of nowhere in the Brazilian opal fields," Jürgen Schütz, president of Emil Weis Opals, a dealer in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, struggled to send an e-mail dispatch. "For an unknown reason the computer deleted my first message, so I have to do it again," Schütz wrote, before recapitulating his point: "Diamonds you buy with your head or brain -- you can easily compare the certificates with each other -- but opal you have to choose with your heart and your soul."More

The Red Carpet
The Daily
"The Red Carpet" -- the words alone bring to mind visions of privileged people in glamorous gowns draped in diamonds and jewels. We are mesmerized. For jewelers these are important events -- a celebrity in your jewelry on the right "Red Carpet" can be a catalyst in a jeweler's career. And for some of us it is just mesmerizing to watch all the beauty going down the carpet. Several trends have come off the red carpet. But who has time to look for coverage of each and every Red Carpet event? Certainly not me! So I am going to share my favorite coverage of all things "Red Carpet": Red Carpet Fashion Awards!More

Novero, beautiful Bluetooth jewelry
The link between technology and jewelry takes another step forward with the launch of a new line designed to make Bluetooth beautiful. The Victoria line from Novero is a collection of exquisite communication pieces that can be worn around the neck when not in use. Designs include the Victoria Lapis set with sterling silver, the Victoria Pearl with pearls and gold, and the Victoria Stripes molded from contemporary black silicone with stripes in brushed gold.More

microWorld of Gems to offer special pricing for AGTA members at JCK Show
microWorld of Gems announces its new streamlined, official website, www.microworldofgems.com. With the convenience of PayPal, customers now may purchase online The Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones Vol. 1, 2 and 3 as a specially priced complete set or each separately. With a combined total more than 5,500 photomicrographs, each book builds upon the next without duplicating information. This set is an essential and comprehensive reference for gemologists, stone dealers and gem enthusiasts alike.More

GIA Open Day during London Jewellery Week
The Gemological Institute of America London will host an "Open Day" on June 11 at the GIA London campus to commemorate London Jewellery Week, the lab announced May 18. GIA London, a Prestige Partner for London Jewellery Week, which will take place June 7 to 13 in more than 100 venues across the city, will participate in other activities throughout the week. The Open Day will feature lectures about gemology, diamonds, colored stones, global trends in jewelry and more. Tours of the building will be available, and staff members will be on site to answer questions about gemstones and GIA.More