Aug. 17, 2011

Join AGTA and receive free Spectrum Awards entry
The American Gem Trade Association produces the annual AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition to recognize excellence in jewelry design and lapidary work while creating excitement and exposure for colored gemstones and cultured pearls. AGTA also encourages anyone involved with colored gemstones and pearls to become a member of the association for the numerous benefits and resources it provides. With that in mind, anyone who joins AGTA in the next month will receive a free entry into the Spectrum Awards competition — a $195 value.More

Gemstone prices and their potential to rise
John Dyer
Gemstone pricing is a complex subject. In very general terms, the price of gems tends to rise over time(as do the prices of most products except those that can readily have their production industrialized). Gems probably have more upward pressure on their prices than most products though, due to a number of factors.More

Vera Wang to design engagement rings for Zales
The Cut
Vera Wang, whose business is expanding so rapidly that her office has to move from its inflatable-rat-plagued garment district location to a new space near Madison Square Park, announced today that she's teaming up with Zales on a line of engagement rings and wedding bands. Wang is no stranger to partnerships with mass-market retailers (she has a long-term contract with Kohl's and, more recently, with David's Bridal), so this move isn't a big surprise. More

Savoring tsavorite
Such a pretty face. And so young. The green grossular garnet we know as tsavorite is a rather new discovery in the gem world. We think of garnet as red mostly, but tsavorite challenges that assumption.More

Group blogging for business: A quick how-to guide
Social Media Today
Blogging can be a great way to support certain marketing strategies. A blog manager that consistently finds fresh angles, fills information voids or discusses hot topics could position her company's blog to experience some real traction. If only time and ideas were infinite resources. More

Searching for gems among the rubble
The Irrawaddy
"We wouldn't dare to take a day off, even in rainy season, or worry about mudslides either," says Naw Aye Hla, a manual gem forager in Mogok. "We can't survive if we don't work." Wearing a cap, a muddy white shirt and traditional brown Shan pants, the 17-year-old girl piles the small pebbles that she caught with a filter pan on the clean ground, then collects brown, red, blue, dark pink and black stones and puts them in a bottle. More

Cartier tiaras: The ultimate royal accessory
Just Luxe
Cartier tiaras have a heavy history of glitz and glam, most recently sitting atop the royal head of Catherine Middleton, the new Duchess of Cambridge, at the most anticipated wedding of the century. Before elegant Kate, Cartier tiaras graced the heads of many royal personages and celebrities alike. More

Expert shares pearls of wisdom on pearls at Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Eve Alfille doles out her wisdom about pearls in tales filled with ancient history, flamboyant characters and practical knowledge about the calcium carbonate creations — beauty born from an irritation inside a mollusk. The founder of The Pearl Society, based near Chicago, Ill., gave a three-hour lecture about pearls at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History today.More

Emeralds for Elephants' jewelry collection comes to India
India Retailing
Ten Indian jewelry designers will present the "Emeralds for Elephants" collection of Zambian emerald jewelry in India in collaboration with the World Land Trust and ethical colored gemstones mining company, Gemfields, together with Jaguar Land Rover and the Gemological Institute of America. The collection will tour around the country to each of the designers' boutiques from August to October 2011. Sotheby's will then auction the collection at Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai, on Oct. 14.More