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Sept. 2, 2009
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AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Deadline Approaching
from AGTA
The deadline for the 2010 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ and Cutting Edge competition is set for Friday, September 25, 2009. Jewelry designers and gem artists from the US and Canada are putting the finishing touches on their entries now – are you ready? More     E-mail article

Kimberly Collins Colored Gems

The Story Behind the Stone: The Legacy of Emeralds
from Southern Jewelry News
Emerald claims a pedigree nearly as old as recorded history. Nearly two millennia prior to when the renowned ruler Cleopatra walked the earth, emerald mines in the Middle East gave up these green stones which adorned royal jewelry and artifacts. Ruins unearthed in early cultures of Central and South America also produced these nearly transparent verdant stones which were featured in regal wear of their day. More     E-mail article

Jewelry Trends: French Vogue Piles on the Gems
from First Water News
When the rest of the fashion magazine world is running Luxe for Less stories, the renegade editor-in-chief of French Vogue is celebrating decadence by piling on the haute joaillerie. A story in the August 2009 issue features a model laden with diamonds and pearls. If one necklace is good, the theory seems to go, then surely eight necklaces are eight times better. More     E-mail article

The Authentic Optix® Cut
Revolutionizes the Appearance of Precious Gems.

Employing advanced light refraction science, Optix stones are precisely cut with concave faceting to reflect significantly more light than stones with flat faceting. The result is a stone with unmatched brilliance. Find Out More

Tahitian Black Pearls
from The Denver Jewelry Examiner
In the warm waters of French Polynesia, the black lipped oyster (pinctada margaritifera) produces the pearls known as Tahitian blacks. P. margaritifera is the only mollusk that produces these pearls and they do so in places besides Tahiti, so the nomenclature is a little misleading. For the oyster to thrive and for production to occur, the major requirement is that the water be warm. So, Tahitian black pearls can be found also in the Philippines, Hawaii, Fiji, Panama, and the Gulf of Mexico. More     E-mail article

Trend Alert: Strut Like an Egyptian
from Fab Sugar
People seem to be excited about the Sex and the City sequel. Especially after seeing Carrie's first outfit from the film: what appears to be a Halston Heritage white dress, gold glitter Louboutins, gold mirrored aviators, and Carrie strutting like an Egyptian with her stunning multi-faceted necklace. Jump on this new jewelry trend before it hits theaters. More     E-mail article


Montana Sapphires to be Auctioned for Special Olympics
from Luxist
Montana's Yugo sapphires are a little known American treasure. The cornflower blue stones are only found in remote portions of Montana and are prized for their deep color. Jewelry pieces made using these stones will be auctioned off to benefit Montana's Special Olympics program in an upcoming event. More     E-mail article

Order AGTA Holiday Cards Now for the Holidays
from AGTA
The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) has released a customizable card with an image of a unique inclusion resembling a Christmas tree from a 21.02 ct. Burmese sapphire. The photo was taken at the AGTA’s Gemological Testing Center. "This image was something we knew would be of interest to many companies in the industry, especially those with clients who appreciate colored gemstones," said Adam Graham, AGTA Marketing Manager. More     E-mail article

        American Gemological Laboratories:
Your Colored Gemstone and Origin Specialist

America's first and most highly respected laboratory for identification, treatments and origin reporting. AGL's experienced specialists and advanced analytical techniques uncover the secrets of every stone. Our reports are accepted throughout the industry, including wholesalers, retailers, auction houses and most importantly consumers. More Info


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Kaiser Gems Select
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