ALA Executive Briefing
Aug. 20, 2010

Gates: Reinvest defense savings in weapons systems
Los Angeles Times
A Pentagon plan to reduce spending on civilian contractors could free up more than $10 billion in the next four years, according to Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, who wants the savings to be spent on new ships, fighters and other weapons systems rather than on reducing the federal budget deficit.More

Pentagon push to phase out top brass causing much consternation
The Washington Post
Of all the spending cuts and budget battles the Pentagon is confronting, none is causing more angst than Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates's vow to start getting rid of generals and admirals. More

Defense chief Gates orders review of Marines' role
Los Angeles Times
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates is ordering a review of the future role of the Marine Corps amid "anxiety" that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had turned the service into a "second land army."More

Defense Secretary Gates plans to step down in 2011
Los Angeles Times
Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said he intends to retire next year, a long-anticipated step that would remove a primary architect of U.S. policy in Iraq and Afghanistan and could cast doubt on recently announced plans to trim Pentagon spending.More

Aisle by aisle, an app that pushes bargains
The New York Times
It's like the most persistent sales clerk you've ever encountered. Major retailers are working with a new smartphone application that tracks and offers promotions to shoppers as they move from outside the store, to counters, to cash registers — even inside the dressing room (now that's persistence).More

Wholesale prices rise on higher food costs
The Associated Press
Wholesale prices rose last month for the first time since March on higher costs for food, autos, pickup trucks and pharmaceuticals. Still, the increases were modest and show that the weak economy isn't spurring significant price rises. More

Some stores finding deep discounts aren't enough
Yahoo! News
A dollar for a 40-ounce bottle of ketchup? Yawn. Four bucks for a 12-pack of Coke? No sale. Even deep discounts on everyday items don't seem to be enough to get Walmart shoppers to bite these days, and other chains are worried Americans won't be in the mood to spend in the months ahead, which are critical for those companies.More

Senate food safety bill has bipartisan support
The Atlantic
It looks like S. 510, the Senate's version of the food safety bill passed by the House a year ago, may actually have a chance of passing. According to summaries by Bill Marler and by Food Safety News, there is now bipartisan agreement on the bill's key provisions.More

Salmonella outbreak prompts recall of 228M eggs
An outbreak of salmonella illnesses linked to shell eggs has prompted a nationwide recall of 13 brands of eggs produced by an Iowa company and triggered a multi-state investigation that is expected to grow.More

How to start a customer Rewards Program
For ages, customer loyalty programs meant you got a little punch card to tally your purchases so you could eventually be awarded with a free coffee, car wash or sandwich. In the early 1980s, American Airlines decided it wanted to take the idea of nurturing its customer base a big step forward and give fliers something extra special. The airline created the first frequent flyer programs. The program was one of the first widely accepted customer loyalty programs in the country, and it set up a framework that became a standard not just for the entire industry.More

Guide to shopping on a military base
Military bases are very much like civilian communities. Large military bases have work places, police stations, fire and rescue services, a hospital, schools, day care centers, gyms, places of worship, entertainment complexes, health and beauty centers, restaurants, grocery stores, travel agents, and of course shopping complexes. The following guide will introduce the most common shopping areas that are located on military bases around the globe.More

How old-school catalogs help drive up online sales
Customer Think
Recent research shows that companies that send out traditional catalogs reap the rewards in terms of significantly higher online sales. Paper catalogs play on consumers' love of off-line browsing before committing to an online purchase, and merchants can benefit when they effectively integrate their selling platforms.More

Tinker prepares to put the "change" in exchange as renovation continues
Like a jet being prepped for flight, the Tinker Exchange is undergoing an intensive preflight check list as a host of associates and contractors prepare for the stores re-grand opening Sept. 17.More

Brighter days: Penney, Dillard's, Kohl's, Nordstrom
Media Post
Several leading retailers turned in solid sales and earnings for the second quarter, providing more evidence not just that shoppers are buying a little more, but that stores are learning to woo them more profitably.More

Retailers use Web tools aimed at younger shoppers
The Arizona Republic
Shoppers and retailers are turning to cellphones, "haul videos," virtual dressing rooms and social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to make the most out of this year's back-to-school shopping season. More

Fast food chains are learning the benefits of mobile
With mobile apps, text to order service and location based marketing messages, fast food companies are learning that mobile is very good for business. A recent study from comScore and Yellow Pages found that local business search on the mobile Web grew 14 percent from March 2009 to 2010, and that mobile "unlocks a younger, wealthier user base to advertisers." Fast food companies that moved into the mobile space early on have reaped the benefits. For example, Pizza Hut has offered mobile orders via SMS, its mobile website and an iPhone app since 2009. More

With growth and income Target could be a bull's-eye
The Wall Street Journal
Over the past two decades, Target, the big Minneapolis-based discounter, defined the concept of cheap chic. The strategy worked splendidly until the financial meltdown of 2008-09 when America headed for Wal-Mart, which offered even lower prices, and the heck with style. As customers fled, Target's sales and profits tumbled.More

Retailers are sold on frugality
The Wall Street Journal
American retailers are becoming as frugal as their shoppers, cutting expenses to maintain stable profits through what is increasingly looking like another challenging holiday season.More

Army MWR installations
Army MWR
Are you traveling to another installation? Want to find out what your current installation has to offer? Simply click on the MWR map to find an MWR page dedicated to helping you find lodging, entertainment, sports and more for specific Army installation.More

Naval Base Coronado breaks ground on new $60 million barracks complex
Navy FFR
Military leaders, government officials and construction contractors broke ground Aug. 14 aboard Naval Base Coronado on a new $60 million Combined Bachelor Housing complex.More

Military installations resource
Military Installations
Looking for Exchange/MWR Information, contacts, addresses, by Installation and Service Worldwide? Try this link: Save to you favorites file.More

New mobile application now available to Blackberry, Droid users

Blackberry and Droid users can now join iPhone and iPod Touch users in accessing the mobile version of Executive Briefing direct from the MultiBriefs app. For Blackberry users, visit the Blackberry App World and search "MultiBriefs." Droid users can go to the Android Marketplace and search "MultiBriefs." Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users should visit the Apple App store to search "MultiBriefs" and download the app free of charge. After it's downloaded, you can add the ALAORG feed from the "Specialized Trades & Industries" section.More

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