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Home   About   Membership   Meetings   Government Affairs   Members Only July 9, 2010
Executive Briefing

American Logistics Association
63rd Annual Convention

October 19-21
Hyatt Regency
Bellevue, WA

President's Message

Base Access:
I have received several calls and e-mails over the past week about an initiative undertaken by the Navy to introduce Rapid Gate at several installations as an expedited entry point for contractors and the fact that these entry points will not accept other DoD cards. What is my view? I am outraged!... not just at this initiative but a cumulative lack of policy and procedure that is in fact penalizing ALA members who have adopted the FiXs cards.

We signed up for FIXs because it was fully compliant with all of the DoD and Federal PIV protocols and our research showed that it was an accepted credential for both physical and logical access. This was substantiated by the results of the DoD-sanctioned test at Fort Belvoir and the message that came out of Northern Command telling installations that FIXs was an acceptable credential. Both sanctioned and validated the concept of having industry and the Government work together to have a credential that met all conditions for security including that put forward by the White House, HSPD-12, NIST, DoD, NORTHCOM, etc.

We went to the Congressional Defense Authorizing and Appropriations Committees and informed them that we were getting on board with FIXs and briefed them on the attributes. We also informed the committees that the FIXs solution was adopted by the American Logistics Association because it addressed the many troubling findings of three successive IG reports and Department of Justice investigations over illegal and improper contractor access. In fact, the Conferees on the FY 2010 Defense Appropriations Act cited the Belvoir test as a promising solution to many of the long-standing IG findings that were a subject of concern by the House Appropriations Committee.

A couple of weeks ago, the ALA held its Congressional Caucus in the Rayburn Building. At that meeting, we told key Members of Congress and Chairman and Ranking Members of the of relevant oversight committees that we were moving out to work with Defense to address the problems of illegal and improper contractor access. We also briefed key staff of the House Armed Services Committee on our efforts.

With the Rapidgate proposal, ALA members would be penalized instead of being rewarded for stepping up to the plate and signing up (and paying for) a credential that places them at a disadvantage vis-a-vis a credential that is not PIV compliant and is not authenticated against an authoritative data base.

Last week, FiXs sent a note to DoD leadership detailing this series of inconsistent actions concerning base access around the country and the fact that FiXs members have been penalized among other things.

This week the FiXs leadership met with the leadership of the Navy Installations Command. It was clear from the meeting that there was a lack of understanding about the FiXs program and its capabilities. FiXs is currently working with the Navy to see if the programs can be made interoperable or that FiXs card holders can be given the same priority as Rapidgate card holders.

This week we will also be meeting with senior officials at OSD concerning the program and its acceptance or lack thereof.

ALA has made it clear to FiXs in no uncertain terms that they have a responsibility to educate the world on this program using their Board of Directors, contacts, partners, affiliations and every other means at their disposal.

ALA’s association with FiXs is for the sole purpose of members’ base access and we are demanding that the situation be remedied to ensure acceptance and recognition of the card at all bases.

The Budget Continues to Dominate the Discussion:

Defense Officials Anticipate Drop In Military Spending
Read the Full Story
NPR , Tom Gjelten
It's bigger than Wal-Mart, employs more people than the United States Post Office, and far outspends all its competitors. It's the US Department of Defense. Next year, though, budget cutters in Congress and the White House will probably begin cutting it down to size in order to slash America's outsize budget deficit.

Why We Must Reduce Military Spending
Read the Full Story
The Huffington Post , Reps. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and Ron Paul (R-Texas)
As members of opposing political parties, we disagree on a number of important issues. But we must not allow honest disagreement over some issues to interfere with our ability to work together when we do agree. By far the single most important of these is our current initiative to include substantial reductions in the projected level of American military spending as part of future deficit reduction efforts.

Patrick B. Nixon
President, ALA

Washington Update

Gates tightens rules for military and the media
The New York Times    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Days after a four-star general was relieved of command for comments made to Rolling Stone magazine, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates issued orders recently tightening the reins on officials dealing with the news media. More

House passes $80 billion war spending bill
The New York Times    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The House approved a war spending bill recently with a provision that would include $10 billion to help school districts avoid educator layoffs, paying for the effort, in part, with $800 million in cuts to several of President Obama's key education initiatives. More

Commissary News

Brand-name exemption at military commissaries could be at risk
Herald Net    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
One great strength of military commissaries is that patrons can buy brand-name items at deep discounts, comfortable in the knowledge they are quality products, food safety isn't an issue and most goods are identical to those sold commercially off base and back home. More

Growing number of Seattle-area residents growing their own groceries
The Seattle Times    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Annette Cottrell of Seattle is one of a growing number of urban residents weaning themselves off the traditional food system, some driven by economics, distrust of big food companies, environmental concerns or fears about the future. She realized: The only way to know what she was feeding her kids was to make it herself. More

A super shift in grocery habits
Star Tribune    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail
The expansion of the discounted megastores, like Target and Wal-mart, has made an already tough business that much more competitive, putting downward pressure on prices at all grocery stores — a plus for consumers. The grim economy of the past 18 months has only given the discounters more leverage. More

Shell fuel rewards program expands
CSP    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Shell and Kroger launched the next phase of its fuel reward program recently. The program offers customers the option to redeem their fuel rewards points through a price rollback at the pump using the Shell Rewards proprietary software platform. Winn-Dixie will kick off its second wave of the Excentus Fuelperks! rewards program with Shell in the greater New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette, La. areas. More

Cattle rise on signs of tightening US beef supply; Hogs gain
Bloomberg Newsweek    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Cattle futures rose for a second straight day on speculation that U.S. grocers are paying more for beef, as a jump in exports reduces supplies available for domestic use. Hogs also gained. "Beef exports have been running 20 to 30 percent over last year, combined with a sharp drop in imports," said Rich Nelson, the director of research at Allendale Inc. in McHenry, Illinois. "We've got tight supplies, more than the trade had expected." More

Consumers must demand more from the FDA
The Daily Caller    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
A new report by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council says the U.S. Food and Drug Administration isn't able to deal with the nation's food supply problems. Scientists from the two groups called on Congress to grant the FDA more authority to prevent food-borne illnesses rather than simply react to them. More

Reusable bag health risk stems from meat juice
Wallet Pop    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Those reusable grocery bags may be an environmentally friendly replacement for the plastic store bags, but they could be a breeding ground for bacteria including E. coli when juice from raw meat seeps out of packaging and on to the bag. The next time something is put in the bag, it could get contaminated, a study says. More

Amazon opens online grocer in UK
The Wall Street Journal    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail
article Inc. started selling groceries online in the U.K. recently, entering one of the world's most cut-throat supermarket sectors, where major players such as Tesco PLC and J Sainsbury PLC have been competing fiercely to win online shoppers for years. Amazon already sells a similar array of supermarket items across the U.S. More

Exchange News

7-Eleven to celebrate birthday with free Slurpees and music
Convenience Store News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail
To celebrate its 83rd birthday, convenience store chain 7-Eleven Inc., will give away roughly 5 million 7.11-ounce Slurpee frozen carbonated drinks to customers at its more than 8,200 convenience stores in America and Canada. The drinks will be accompanied by "Slurpee-brations" and 7-Eleven birthday parties including music, entertainment, prizes and food sampling, according to the company. More

Burger King wins Energy Efficiency Excellence Award
Chain Store Age    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Burger King Corp. was awarded the 2010 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award in the "Restaurant Chain" category by Southern California Gas Co. The award recognized BKC as an industry leader for its innovation and commitment to develop energy-efficient kitchen equipment. Among the company's innovations is the Duke Flexible Batch Broiler, which reduces energy costs. More

Shaping customer experience a critical strategy as retail recovers
Retail Customer Experience    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
As fragile as it may be, there's a retail recovery underway as consumers gain more financial confidence. Now that retail acquisitions have calmed down and the economy is stabilizing, there's a fight for consumable dollars. One of the most potent pieces in the retail arsenal is ensuring a consistent and differentiated consumer experience. More

Gas station storage tanks threaten groundwater
KGO-TV    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Throughout the state of California, dozens of abandoned and closed gas stations have been leaking contaminants into the soil and threatening groundwater for years. Three of those hazardous sites are in the Bay Area. The State Water Resource Control Board authorized more than $3 million to kick-start the cleanup. More

Try online restaurant coupons for great bargains    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail
The next time you go out to dinner, why not eat more, for less? Thanks to a proliferation of group-buying Web sites such as, Groupon and LivingSocial, dining out in many of the region's most popular restaurants comes with a side of deep discount. Tapping into multiple zeitgeists, from social-media use to foodie fever, these bargains give us the ultimate means to justify our hunger for dining out. More

How the electric car will save us: Getting charged up about a gasoline-free future
Independent Weekly    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The first automobiles ran on batteries. But when the modern gas-fueled internal combustion engine debuted in the 20th century, even Edison understood that petroleum trumped electricity when it came to powering a car that wasn't attached to a wire. A century later, though, that advantage is poised to flip. More

New ground chicken options offer merchandising flexibility
Perishable News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Gold'n Plump Poultry, the Midwest's largest fully integrated chicken producer, is following up the launch of its Recipe Ready™ Ground Chicken in 2008 with an encore of six ground chicken line extensions, due to start shipping nationally after Labor Day this Fall. The new products offer both merchandising flexibility for the retailer and alternatives to ground beef for health conscious consumers looking for lean products. More



Starting 1 August 2010, AAFES will implement automated compliance claims for Early/Late shipments to CONUS DC's and Facilities. The first stage of the automated program will include orders of $300 or more for suppliers with annual purchases of $1 Million or greater (or approx. 757 of AAFES top suppliers). All remaining CONUS suppliers will be included in automated compliance claims at a later date.


The AAFES Vision is "To be our Customers' First Choice!" which means AAFES must provide products our customers' expect when walking in our stores. Benefits of automating compliance claims are many and include:

  1. reduced 3rd party audit claims
  2. timely product shipments
  3. optimal inventory levels and
  4. improved in-stock position for our customers.
The new automated shipping claims will be generated in a 'real-time' environment where buyers and suppliers can address issues as they occur. Automating the program will ensure AAFES optimizes supply chain efficiencies which is imperative with the roll-out of RMS Allocation.


Additional information concerning AAFES Compliance Claims is posted to the 'Doing Business with AAFES' website. Orders shipped or received outside of the specified timeframes are deemed either early or late and are subject to recovery charges as stated in the published AAFES Compliance Claim Program. For complete program details select: AAFES COMPLIANCE CLAIM PROGRAM


All claims will generate systematically using the following criteria:

For FOB origin orders, the claim is calculated by comparing the Scheduled Ship Date listed on the purchase order to the first "Actual Pickup Date", which is the date the AAFES carrier takes possession of the ordered merchandise. A claim will automatically generate once it is determined that the ship date occurred outside of the supplier window of 72 hours before/after the scheduled ship date:

FOB Origin PO:

  • Shipped >72 hours before/after Scheduled Ship Date – SSD (Scheduled Ship Date)
  • Supplier window is 7 days…3 days either side of SSD

For FOB destination orders, the claim is calculated by comparing the initial receipt date with the Requested Delivery Date listed on the purchase order. A claim automatically generate once it is determined that the receipt date occurred outside of the supplier window of 72 hours before/after the received delivery date:

FOB Destination PO:

  • Rec'd >72 hours before/after Required Delivery Date – RDD (Required Delivery Date)
  • Supplier window is 7 days…3 days either side of RDD


Suppliers should ensure that shipping locations, order preparation times and shipping times are accurate and that AAFES Buyers are aware of any updates/changes.


Suppliers can work with the buyer directly to ensure that accurate information is entered into the AAFES Systems.
Washington Update

GSA unveils overhaul of, featuring mobile apps
Government Executive    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The General Services Administration unveiled a refurbished, the official home page for federal services and resources. It now features mobile applications, a more sophisticated search engine and other enhanced navigation aides. More

New program honors military kids, friends with fun
Department of Defense    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
When Defense Department and USO officials created the "Me and a Friend" program, Kelsie Vick was who they had in mind. After moving 10 times with her father, Army Master Sgt. John Vick, Kelsie knows as well as anyone the sacrifices military children make. And, like many military kids, she takes it in stride. "I liked it," she said, of the military lifestyle. More


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