The Eagle
Mar. 4, 2015

Managing a local counsel network with a more thoughtful LPM perspective
By Joseph W. Hovermill
Local counsel reporting should be a key part of a process management system in terms of resource deployment decisions and sequencing. More

Congressman reintroduces legislation to add Inspector General at CFPB
ACA International
The bipartisan bill is part of proposed measures to increase congressional oversight at the bureau. More

The Federal Trade Commission updates the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on its efforts in 2014 to regulate the Debt Collection Industry
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has sent its annual letter the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) detailing the Commission’s efforts to regulate the debt collection industry through its implementation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The CFPB is required to submit annual reports to Congress on the FDCPA, a task previously assigned to the FTC. To assist the CFPB in preparing its report, the FTC issues a letter summarizing its own recent work on debt collection issues. Read more to see the letter. More

Debt collection litigation and CFPB complaint statistics, December 2014 and year in review
WebRecon LLC
Consumer litigation, particularly TCPA, has come roaring back after an anemic December 2014. CFPB complaints look flat from November to December, but the December numbers are still likely to increase by a couple hundred complaints as they continue to trickle in. More

The provisional remedy of attachment in commercial transactions may assist the creditor in swift collections
Law Office of Howard Goodman
The Courts vary in the speed with which they set cases for trial. Sometimes a debtor is intending to sell his business or go out of business and there is great urgency in obtaining immediate recovery. Any delay will result in permanent loss to the creditor. In these cases, the legislature has provided a remedy for the creditor in the form of "attachment."More

SEC releases more documents on cybersecurity as Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center opens
By Ed Silverstein
Cybersecurity has been an important focus at the SEC. More

Bankruptcy — it's not personal; it's just business.
When we think of a company going bankrupt, there is sometimes a tendency to believe that before the organization filed for protection, it did everything in its power to stay afloat and turn its dire financial situation around. More