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Apr. 1, 2015

Valuing and selling a firm takes time, matchmaker skills
ABA Journal
Selling a law practice is akin to a dating game for solo and smaller-firm practitioners. Finding the right buyer who fits with a particular seller doesn’t happen overnight.More

10 questions to ask before deciding to sue a debtor
ABC-Amega, Inc.
You placed your claim with a collection agency. They've done their best to collect, but the debtor just isn't budging. They tell you that your only option is filing a law suit. That's going to cost you some out- of-pocket expense for court costs and possibly non-contingent suit fees. ABC-Amega's Vice President, International & Corporate Quality, Robert Tharnish, suggests you get the answer to ten critical questions before making this important decision. More

There's a big fight over how student debt gets collected in this country
The Washington Post
Three collection agencies are suing the government for canceling their contracts to collect overdue federal student loans, a move the companies say was unjustified and came without warning.The government ended its agreements with these companies after discovering that debt collectors were giving incorrect information to students and families. President Barack Obama has vowed to overhaul the way Americans repay their student loans.More

6 things debt collectors wish you knew via Yahoo
There are countless resources for consumers to help them know their rights should they ever be contacted by a creditor or debt collector (e.g., the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission) and they’d be well served to know what can and cannot be done. To begin, any debt collector who has violated consumer law and causes actual damages should be held accountable for their actions. However, consumers who are considering suing a debt collector need to first be wary of unscrupulous plaintiff attorneys whose "protecting consumers" mantra may mask the real goal of exploiting them for their own profit. Here are a few points to separate fact from fiction when it comes to suing a debt collector. Read more More

The latest European Credit Outlook 2015
Lindorff, a full-service European credit management service provider since 1898, has conducted a survey of how key European markets may evolve this year. They have interviewed executives across Europe on how they believe leading indicators in the credit market will develop: Average collection periods, credit loses, credit policy, payment likelihood, bankruptcies, defaults, revenues, profitability and financial costs.More

DBA International announces launch of new website
DBA International
DBA International is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, An organized and clean design with enhanced navigation offers visitors access to a broader array of features and content and a more user friendly experience. More