The Eagle
May. 14, 2014

Companies are failing to detect financial fraud in supply chains
A surprising number of business executives are leaving their supply chains vulnerable to financial fraud, according to a new study by Deloitte Financial Advisory Services. Polling more than 2,600 executives, the study found that fewer than a third of respondents were deploying the kind of data-analytics tools that can detect fraud or waste by vendors.More

Lawsuit could lead to more state-level Dodd-Frank enforcement actions
The New York Times
It's not just the CFPB that can take enforcement actions under the Unfair, Deceptive or Abusive Acts or Practices provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act, in fact state financial regulators and attorneys general have the authority, too. A state financial regulator in New York has acted on that authority by filing a lawsuit against a subprime auto lender alleging violations of the act, The New York Times reports. In March, the Illinois Attorney General filed the first state court lawsuit related to the UDAAP provisions of the act. Before the financial crisis that prompted the creation of the Dodd-Frank Act, enforcement was left to federal officials but the case in New York could prompt other regulators at the state level to follow the trend, according to the article.More

How do I ensure that I am receiving every issue of The Eagle?
The Eagle is distributed twice-monthly by ALQ. Do you receive our newsletter only intermittently, or is it landing in your junk mail or spam filter? Would you prefer that we send it to a different email address? Are there other colleagues or other members of your staff that you would like us to add to our distribution list?More

License may be required to buy and collect debt in New Jersey
ACA International
Debt buyers' failure to obtain license indirectly required under New Jersey statute subjects debt buyers and third-party debt collectors to FDCPA liability. ACA members who engage in collection activity in New Jersey are advised to seek the opinion of qualified legal counsel to obtain a license. More

Am Law 100 analysis: The super rich get richer
The American Lawyer
The Am Law 100 showed gains of more than 5 percent in top-line revenue and head count growth in 2013, hitting a new record of $77.4 billion generated by 92,007 lawyers. At the same time, the 100 top-grossing firms in the nation registered flat performances on other key metrics, among them profits per partner (PPP) and revenue per lawyer (RPL).More

Collection calls that get results
The Communicator
Debt collection is not a science. There is no magic formula that will work every time. Debtors are different, and collectors are different. The important thing is to plan ahead, work out a style that fits you and be flexible. ABC-Amega Inc. offers advice that should help improve the effectiveness of your collection calls.More