AMCTO Municipal Minute
Sep. 26, 2012

Local Government Week 2012 will be happening Oct. 14 to Oct. 20
We encourage municipalities and schools to plan activities for Local Government Week that will promote in children and youth a better understanding and awareness about the operations and services of their municipality, and foster responsible citizenship and stewardship of their local communities.

Visit the Local Government Week web pages on for information, activity ideas, resources and posters.More

Liberals move to freeze wages for Ontario public service executives
Ottawa Citizen
Ontario's cash-strapped Liberal government is moving to freeze wages for CEOs and senior executives at hospitals, universities and right across the broader public sector. Finance Minister Dwight Duncan will use legislation to put a $418,000 a year cap on salaries for top public sector executives, but won't roll back pay for the 150 people who already make more than that. There will also be exemptions for key positions such as Chief Nuclear Officer at Ontario Power Generation and other positions.More

Ontario Liberals defying environmental rules
CBC News
The Liberal government is defying the will of the legislature and ignoring the public's right to be involved in the development of policies to protect the environment, Ontario's environmental watchdog recently said. "It astounds me to report on the degree of disregard and contempt that is shown to statutory requirements of the Environmental Bill of Rights," Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller said as he released part one of his annual report, Losing Touch.More

Ontario Liberal deal to move gas-fired plant will cost another $40 million
National Post
The Liberal government has reached a deal to move the cancelled gas-fired generating station in Oakville to eastern Ontario. Energy Minister Chris Bentley told the legislature the total unrecoverable cost for moving the Oakville energy project to the Lennox generating facility in Napanee will be $40 million. Bentley made the announcement just before the government was to release up to 100,000 documents on two cancelled power plants.More

Residents urge municipality to enact regulations for pits and quarries
Kemptville EMC
North Grenville council members showed they are listening to the cries of residents living in and around Bennett Road and are taking the first step in exploring whether they can enact bylaws on pit and quarry operations within the municipality. During the Committee of the Whole meeting held at the Burritts Rapids Community Hall, Forbes Symon, director of planning and development, circulated a draft letter he had composed to council. The letter will be sent to the Ministry of Natural Resources' district planner Anda Rungis to seek direction on what pit and quarry operators can and can't do and how the municipality can act.More

Hamilton's radial separation bylaw is punitive and discriminatory
The Spec
Over the past years, we have been discussing the issue of radial separation bylaws, which require residential care facilities and group homes to be a minimum of 300 metres away from other similar facilities. The Hamilton bylaw has recently been controversial because of an application by the Lynwood Charlton Centre, a home for teenage girls with mental health issues, to move from a substandard building on Charlton Avenue to another property on Augusta Street. That move would put it within 300 metres of another facility.More

Peter Jaworski: No warrant required for bylaw officers in Ontario
National Post
In Ontario, municipalities may pass bylaws that permit their officers to enter onto private property without notice and without warrant at all 'reasonable times'. They can do this in order to pursue an investigation stemming from a complaint, or an inspection following an order by the city. No such similar provision exists for police officers pursuing criminal investigations. In fact, courts have strongly upheld our privacy against investigations in the criminal context.More

South Stormont readies free speech sign bylaw
Ottawa Sun
South Stormont expects to set a precedent if a bylaw to protect free speech is approved by council. The legislation would ensure the municipality never dictates the language of choice for local businesses, which a couple of council members say would be an infringement of rights. "I think there's got to be a message sent across Ontario as well as Canada," said deputy mayor Tammy Hart. "We have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms and section 2b says we have freedom of expression".More

Ontario considers corrugated cardboard ban
Greener Ideas
Ontario's paper industry is now attempting to ban old corrugated containers (OCCs) from public and private landfills as a way of promoting proper recycling and environmental sustainability. This decision comes in light of Quebec's own recycling legislation. Quebec is moving to have OCCs banned completely from landfills by 2013, and wished Ontario to make the same commitment for the environment. Notably, the industry hopes that such a ban on OCC will act as gateway legislation for further recycling acts.More