AMCTO Municipal Minute
Oct. 28, 2015

Canada Post suspends planned conversion to community mailboxes
CTV News
Canada Post is temporarily shelving its plan to convert door-to-door mail delivery to community mailboxes in the wake of a campaign pledge by prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau to reverse cuts to the agency. In statement released, the Crown Corporation says that "all conversions" planned for November and December 2015, and those scheduled to follow in 2016, will be placed "on hold."More

New Ontario accessibility laws take effect January 1
National Law Review
Private sector compliance deadlines under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act are fast-approaching. For large organizations (50 or more employees), the deadline for compliance is January 1, 2016. For small organizations (fewer than 50 employees), the deadline is January 1, 2017.More

Government didn't ask for receipts before paying Ontario teacher unions
Toronto Star
The government did not ask for receipts before giving three teacher unions $2.5 million to help with the cost of negotiating new contracts, Education Minister Liz Sandals acknowledged. Sandals, under increasing fire over the controversial payouts, said they were to offset "reasonable costs" such as hotel and meeting room rentals under a time-consuming new collective bargaining system.More

Ontario helping small businesses save energy
Government of Ontario
Ontario is implementing a new plan to help small businesses reduce energy use, manage costs and save money. Minister Chiarelli released Helping Small Businesses Save Energy, a guide on new Ontario programs and services that will help reduce costs for businesses.More

Ontario accused of changing law to 'protect' Beer Store, LCBO
Globe and Mail
Ontario's Liberal government amended the Liquor Act in the spring in an apparent attempt to retroactively insulate both the provincially owned Liquor Control Board of Ontario and the foreign-brewer-controlled Beer Store from a potential class-action lawsuit demanding $1.4 billion for allegedly inflating the price of beer, lawyers for the plaintiffs charge.More

Ontario MPP aims to update birth registration law to include same-sex parents
Metro News
Modern families need modern family laws. That's why NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo will be tabling private member's legislation next week that would end discrimination against same-sex parents in Ontario's birth registration services.More

Ontario will defend move to declare TTC essential service in court challenge
CTV News
Ontario's Liberal government said recently it would fight a union attempt to strike down a 2011 law that declared the Toronto Transit Commission an essential service and took away its workers' right to strike. The Amalgamated Transit Union asked the Ontario Court of Appeal to declare the TTC's essential service designation unconstitutional. The measure bans strikes and lockouts at Canada's largest public transit system.More

Brampton faces turmoil ahead of LRT vote
Toronto Star
If there is any consensus in Brampton about the historic vote on the future of a $1.6 billion LRT, it's that the issue has divided city council and many in the community. Mayor Linda Jeffrey, has entered into a war with the man who was once her biggest political backer, former Ontario premier Bill Davis; a resident tried unsuccessfully to get a court injunction to prevent a councillor from voting; the city's board of trade got into a public dispute with a prominent local lawyer over the light rail transit; and a last-ditch, $53,000 attempt at a facilitation process seems to have failed. More

Ruling expected within weeks on Texas oil tycoon's NAFTA challenge of wind farm deals
IF Press
Bookmark and Share Change text size for the story Print Report an error Topics Wind Turbines It's a high-stakes legal battle over London-area wind farms that pits a self-proclaimed, Canada-loving, Texas oil tycoon against the federal government. Mesa Power Group LLC vs. Government of Canada, a case that could leave taxpayers on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, is expected to be ruled on within weeks, four years after the claim was launched by T. Boone Pickens under the North American Free Trade Agreement.More

How to be a good manager and a good leader
The Winning Jobs
It is fairly common to witness power problems, inter-departmental conflicts and overlapping of decisions in an organization. This is so because when there are different departments working at place, each one of them tends to have a different outlook towards the common goal. Further, each of the departments is headed by different managers that seem to address the key concerns of his department rather than looking at the bigger picture. Thus, a manager who can put up with such circumstances and handle the problems without the need of escalating it to his superiors is truly required.More

How to build an executive-level dream team
When my co-founder and I launched our company, DivvyHQ, we faced the same hiring quandary as every other startup: We wanted only the best and brightest. We couldn't afford weak links, so we were highly selective even then. We built a small, sharp team that helped us grow quickly. Now we're in the fortunate position to expand our operation with another set of stellar hires. Assembling the right team is essential to every company's success.More

Municipalities Paying for Provincial Highway Services

Recently, several smaller Southwestern municipalities are calling on the Province to scrap a longtime practice for which it doesn’t pay for fire calls to provincial highways that turn out to be false alarms or so-called “no-service” calls. This issue is proving costly for smaller municipalities who are struggling to provide this critical service and yet, manage their costs. Click here to read more. More

Random or Arbitrary Police Carding to Stop in Ontario

The Province has announced that random or arbitrary police carding will cease as of this Fall. Minister Naqvi said "We as a government stand opposed, Speaker, to any arbitrary, random stops by the police simply to collect information when there are no grounds or reason to do so…We have heard from the community that street checks, by definition, are arbitrary as well as discriminatory and therefore cannot be regulated; they must simply be ended. The province agrees that these types of stops must end." To read more on this story, click here to access the Toronto Star article.More

Development Charges and Planning Reform Referred to Standing Committee

AMO has undertaken a detailed review of Bill 73 and has provided the following message from the AMO President to request appearance before Committee. They are seeking a number of amendments to the Bill and while the Standing Committee hearing dates are not yet available. To see the highlights of AMO’s proposed Bill 73 amendments, please click here.More