Field Notes
Jun. 12, 2014

APGO's Annual General Meeting & Conference is today!
We are at our Annual General Meeting & Conference today at One King West Hotel, Toronto. A program listing the day's events can be found here.More

Mine Rescue has a global perspective
Timmins Times
Every time there is a major mining disaster somewhere in the world, steps are taken to study the incident in the hope that a similar event won't happen in Timmins or in any other mining district in Ontario. And if something bad does happen, there are plans and procedures in place aimed at reducing the impact of a mining disaster.More

Vale mine rescuers tops in Ontario
Northern Ontario Business
Mine rescue volunteers from Vale Canada's East Mines were crowned with gold hard hats by Workplace Safety North (WSN) and Ontario Mine Rescue as the overall winners of the 64th annual Provincial Mine Rescue Competition in Timmins, recently. Seven competing teams from across Ontario, selected in district competitions, were evaluated on their firefighting skills, first aid response, use of emergency equipment and decision-making ability under stress in a simulated emergency underground at Goldcorp Canada's Dome Mine.More

Students celebrate water at Guelph event
Guelph Mercury
Without the pond, you don't have the frog, the turtle, the dragonfly nymph, or the caddisfly larvae. Water is life, and without it, life can't survive. A recent celebration of water at the University of Guelph set out to prove that reality to about 700 elementary students. During H2Awesome: A Celebration of Life, water facts and worries were driven home by Tyler and Alex Mifflin, known as The Water Brothers on their popular TVO eco-adventure documentary series. More

Science tells when a sewage pipe needs repair, before it bursts
Lab Canada
Aging infrastructure — in particular, sewer systems — is a topic most people would prefer to avoid, but broken pipes leaking raw sewage into streets and living rooms in many cities are forcing the issue. To better predict which pipes need to be fixed, scientists report in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology that certain conditions in the pipes can clue utilities in to which ones need repair — before it's too late.More

Probe Mines provides metallurgy update for its Borden Gold Project
Canadian Mining Journal
Probe Mines has provided a progress update for its metallurgical program on the Borden Gold project. The metallurgical program will be included as part of Probe's anticipated Preliminary Economic Assessment. Probe's metallurgical program has been on-going for the last three years and has generated sufficient input data to perform a series of process route trade-off studies, in particular to compare the two main process options.More

Warming oceans increasing carbon dioxide releases
Net Newsledger
Rising global temperatures could increase the amount of carbon dioxide naturally released by the world's oceans, fuelling further climate change, a study suggests. Fresh insight into how the oceans can affect CO2 levels in the atmosphere shows that rising temperatures can indirectly increase the amount of the greenhouse gas emitted by the oceans. More

Drilling with real-time pore pressure data
Digital Energy Journal
Knowledge of pore pressure is critical during drilling of a well, to help drill safely and cost-effectively. Drillers are given a pore pressure estimation, or estimation range, before they start, based on the seismic data or data from nearby wells. This information is used to plan mud weight and the casing plan. But the pore pressure estimate will always contain uncertainties, and the seismic data might not have been processed with pore pressure calculations in mind.More

Superior Copper initiating drill program
Northern Ontario Business
Superior Copper is undertaking a 25,000-metre drill program at its property near Sault Ste. Marie. The drilling will start shortly. The company, which owns 100 per cent of the project, located 85 kilometres north of the Sault, will test for iron oxide copper gold deposits as a follow-up to airborne ZTEM surveying done over the entire project area in April. The Superior property, which covers 15,789 hectares, has had no historic drilling deeper than 225 vertical metres.More

B.C. mining industry climbing out of dark hole
The Vancouver Sun
While B.C. miners face an uncertain future, it pales in comparison with the challenges of the global industry, which saw its profits crushed in 2013, according to a new report from accounting and consulting firm PwC. The world's top 40 mining companies lost $280 billion in capital value on stock markets last year and profits, at $20 billion, down 72 per cent, representing the lowest level in a decade, the report states.More

Project in Manitoba goes from construction to production in 2 years
Canadian Mining Journal
The Reed copper project, located in northern Manitoba mid-way between Flin Flon and Snow Lake, is within the Grass River Provincial Park and adjacent to provincial Highway 39. In fact, the mine is within a home-run ball from the highway on one side and one of the Park's larger lakes on the other and because of its proximity to those sensitive neighbours, great care had to be taken when designing the elongated site.More

Wind-blown dust darkens Greenland, speeding melt-down
Scientific American
Greenland's snowy surface is now darker in the spring than it was before 2009, suggesting that the ice sheet's melting and contribution to sea-level rise may be larger than expected, according to a new study. The research in Nature Geoscience adds to a body of recent research finding that the Arctic's albedo, or reflectiveness, may decline more sharply than original estimates. More

Mineral site key to Antarctica's history gets protected status
Updated News
Antarctica pact partners have set up a new protected geological site on the frozen continent in a bid to preserve rare minerals that could shed light on the region's history and evolution over millions of years. At a meeting in Brazil last month, the signatories to the Antarctic Treaty designated the Larsemann Hills region of the continent as an Antarctic Specially Protected Area.More

Lake Shore Gold predicting a good year
Timmins Times
A dramatic $40 drop in the price of gold during Mine Expo week in Timmins no doubt sent a shudder through those in the local gold mining community recently. But gold mining executives, much like prospectors, remain an optimistic group. That was evident when Lake Shore Gold's Mark Utting spoke at the opening of the Mine Expo. More

Your new 2014-2015 APGO Councillors
Ian Macdonald, Nominations Chair
As indicated in a previous edition of Field Notes, the following four candidates for the 2014-2015 APGO council ran unopposed and were therefore acclaimed to their positions.

• Vice President — Mark Priddle, P.Geo. — past Southeast Regional Councillor
• Southeast Region Councillor — Zen Keizars, P.Geo., P.Eng.
• Northwest Region Councillor — Alan Aubut, P.Geo. (returning Councillor)
• Councillor at Large — Wally Rayner, P.Geo.More

Montana families find flecks of gold in drinking water
The Weather Network
At least two households in Whitehill, MT have reported finding flecks of gold in their tap water — leaving residents to wonder what else is floating around in there. The small town with a population of about 1,000 gets its water from two wells, both of which are in the middle of the community. NBC Montana has corroborated the report.More