Field Notes
Aug. 29, 2013

This Week's Showcase:
Membership Input into Strategic Planning

APGO's Council is conducting a strategic planning session to update their existing plan. Last week we sent out a membership survey to gather input. It was very well responded to with over 275 replies, many of them very detailed. We've received darts and laurels from our membership. All of this information will be seen by council and used in our planning session.

We ask members who have not responded yet to take 15 minutes and give us your input. Deadline is Sept. 6.More

Students — This is for you
Today's note is a follow up to an article that appeared in Field Notes three weeks ago regarding the development of a Knowledge Requirements Tool Kit to help university students pick courses that align with APGO's requirements. A demo of the KR Tool Kit can be found on APGO's home page. Information added using the demo cannot be saved. It is recommended that students sign up as APGO student members at no cost where they can record their courses on the KR Tool Kit and track their progress over their school years.

The KR Tool Kit is a new product of APGO and we ask users to complete our experience survey and provide feedback.More

2 ways to capitalize on accelerating lithium demand
Lithium Investing News
With electric/hybrid vehicle use on the rise and demand for consumer electronics steadily climbing, lithium producers with quality product should have no shortage of potential buyers. In this interview with The Energy Report, Luisa Moreno, mining and metals analyst with Euro Pacific Canada, names her top lithium picks with both the goods and the customers.More

Index of corporately responsible mining companies being released
Cape Breton Post
Toronto-based management consultants MacCormick IMC are releasing Canada's first index of socially responsible junior mining companies. The index showcases Canadian junior mining companies that are excelling both in CSR and are ranked in the top 100 based on market capitalization, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers annual Junior Mine report. Through financial analysis, the MacCormick index details how these companies are financially outperforming their peers as a result of their corporate responsibility efforts.More

Slow quakes could warn of bigger trouble
In places where slow earthquakes trigger regular ones, keeping an eye on the slower variety could result in reliable predictions, say geoscientists. "We currently don't have any way to remotely monitor when land faults are about to move," says Chris Marone, professor of geophysics at Penn State. "This has the potential to change the game for earthquake monitoring and prediction, because if it is right and you can make the right predictions, it could be big."More

Northern Ontario updates
Net Newsledger
Focus Graphite are reporting pilot plant test results from its flagship Lac Knife high grade flake graphite project located in the Grenville Geological Province of northeastern Québec. This work was performed as part of the ongoing Lac Knife concentrator flowsheet design process. The graphite concentrates generated from the pilot flotation plant will be subjected to further purification tests as part of ongoing metallurgical studies. More

Feds earmark $100 million for GEM program
Canadian Mining Journal
As Prime Minister Stephen Harper tours Canada's north, he announced significant new support for geo-mapping the area to promote resource exploration and development. The Geo-Mapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM) program will receive $100 million over seven years from the federal government.More

Welcome and congratulations, new APGO members!
Click here to see APGO's newest members. More

Where are all the women in mining?
Huffington Post Canada
We need to encourage girls to pursue their interests in science, technology, and engineering. All too often, girls lose this interest by the time they reach university. But just as it is up to parents, teachers, and government policy to foster a love in girls for the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, corporations can play a critical role, too. The mining industry is no exception. More

Skills shortages in mining a major barrier to Canadian competitiveness
In addition to a large endowment of natural resources from Mother Nature, Canada's strength in mining was also founded on its unique pool of qualified experts working in the industry. However, over the past two decades a skills crisis has transformed what was previously a competitive advantage into the sector's key challenge. A lack of local skilled professionals, a rapidly aging workforce, and antiquated immigration policies make it difficult for companies to fill vacant roles with qualified candidates threatening short and long-term growth prospects.More

Study explains why deep-sea fish have higher mercury levels
Alaska Dispatch
Ocean fish plucked from great depths are packed with more mercury than are their counterparts fished from shallower waters, according to new research from the University of Michigan and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. A new paper, published in Nature Geoscience, pinpoints the difference in mercury levels in shallow and deep-water fish as in the amount of sunlight to which the animals are exposed and proposes that most of the mercury that humans consume is produced in the deep ocean. More

Northern Graphite granted mining lease for flagship project
Mining Weekly
Northern Graphite's Bissett Creek project was given the go-ahead recently after the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines approved the project's mine closure plan and granted a mining lease. After ten months of waiting for the approval of the mine closure plan for the eastern Ontario mine, and two years for the mining lease, the company, subject to the availability of financing, could immediately kick off its construction activities. More

Why is this tiny firm Canada's 2nd-best performing natural resource stock?
Financial Post
Zenyatta Ventures has soared 1,800 per cent in the past year after discovering a graphite deposit it said may be among the world's most valuable. Now the explorer has to prove it. The $207 million Canadian company, which has no revenue or income, is the second-best performer among the country's natural resource stocks. The shares climbed after it said the grade of graphite from its Albany project in northwest Ontario may rival the world's highest-quality supplies, which are used in nuclear power plants and metal refining.More