Field Notes
Dec. 26, 2013

20. APGO receives warm reception at University of Waterloo and University of Western Ontario
Dec. 5, 2013: APGO was buzzing with back-to-back networking events held in Waterloo and London, ON this November. We would like to recognize Council member, Doug Cater, our regional representative in South West Ontario for his leadership in making these events a success. APGO received a warm reception at both events, which highlights the strong relationship we developed through the years with both University of Waterloo (U of W) and University of Western Ontario (UWO). We saw a strong presence of department faculty members who took the time out of their busy schedule to support this initiative. We recognize Dr. Barry Warner (U of W) and Dr. Robert Linnen (UWO) for being strong APGO champions. Their role is critical in our effort to establish strong links with students — the future of geoscience. More

19. Research aimed at protecting groundwater systems
University of Guelph
Aug. 15, 2013: A new University of Guelph field lab is now running near the Eramosa River, just a short drive from campus. Led by engineering professor Beth Parker, a team of grad students and groundwater professionals will study groundwater and surface water interaction in the fractured sedimentary bedrock that lines the Eramosa River and outcrops along the flood plain. More

18. APGO welcomes new members to its Council
Oct. 31, 2013: An active Council is integral to APGO's success as we forge ahead to realize our vision to be the leader of the geoscience professions. APGO happened as a result of strong leadership, determination, and tireless work. The Association benefits immensely from the collective work of its Council members, both past and present. APGO is pleased to announce the new additions to its Council. We welcome Brad Leonard, John Gartner, Rustam Juma and Robert Linnen. Their addition will further enhance what is already a stellar group of very committed and active professionals. More

17. New Canadian network to push rare earth mining
Rare Earth Investing News
Nov. 21, 2013: Canadian rare earth explorers, like those in the United States, Australia and Africa, are hoping to break the monopoly that China has on the metals used in everything from the latest smartphones to wind turbines and missile guidance systems. Now those companies are getting some assistance from the Canadian government with the formation of a new association called the Canadian Rare Earth Elements Network. More

16. CEO: Integrated approach required for modern mining
Northern Life
Nov. 7, 2013: "At the end of the day, it's about the rocks." It's simple advice delivered by TMAC Resources CEO Catharine Farrow, but insight that's carrying the company forward in its quest to become the next major gold mining camp in Canada. As the second in a succession of visiting lecturers to the Goodman School of Mines at Laurentian University, Farrow spoke about how miners have to understand data gleaned from the rocks before they can be mined effectively, Farrow said. More

15. Meet the APGO 2013-2014 Council
July 25, 2013: APGO's 20 member Council governs the association. New President Andrew Cheatle welcomes two new members to Council, Ben Berger and Bob Morrison who won their regional elections. APGO Council is looking forward to having a representative of the Council of Chairs of Canadian Earth Science Departments appointed by the end of the summer. More

14. Important tax tips for APGO members
Oscar Torres, CPA, CA, LPA of Bateman MacKay LLP
Oct. 31, 2013: The way in which expenses are deducted for tax purposes is related to whether a person is an employee, a self-employed individual or an incorporated business. Employees are very limited in the expenses they can deduct when calculating the tax that is owed to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Self-employed individuals as well as incorporated businesses have much more flexibility. They can deduct any reasonable expenses incurred to earn income from their businesses. More

13. Meet APGO's Registration Team
Oct. 17, 2013: As a regulatory body, a huge component of APGO is comprised of the Registration process. The work involves a multiple-step process that includes rigorous review of applications received, follow-ups and in certain cases, referrals to the Registration Committee for further review and consideration. Outside of this process, the Registration Team also handles all registration related questions that come our way via phone calls and emails. More

12. Red Lake starving for workers
CBC News
Oct. 3, 2013: A strong economy, stable population and lots of jobs sounds like a dream come true for many communities — but the mining town of Red Lake, ON has almost zero unemployment and is starving for workers. Red Lake's economic development officer figures the roughly 80 people in the community who are out of work "just don't have the skills, or can't work," Bill Greenway said. "So, there's zero unemployment here."More

11. APGO's 2013 Photo Competition
July 25, 2013: The 2013 Photo Competition was a success! Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who participated. See the results at