APPRO PowerBrief
Dec. 26, 2013

20. NEB fixes multi-year tolls for TransCanada mainline, decision enables the mainline to remain competitive
National Energy Board
April 4, 2013: The National Energy Board announced its decision to fix multi-year tolls on the TransCanada Mainline. The Board's decision provides TransCanada with the tools to respond to the increased competitive risk facing the Mainline. The Board's reasons can be found in its Reasons for Decision at In its application, TransCanada asked the Board to consider restructured pipeline services and tolling across its pipeline network, which includes the Mainline, the Alberta System and the Foothills System. More

19. Ontario Liberals suddenly keen to reveal cost of cancelling Oakville power plant
Toronto Star
April 25, 2013: The minority Liberal government is suddenly eager to reveal a figure on the true costs of scrapping an Oakville, ON, power plant officially put at $40 million before the 2011 election. In an abrupt change of strategy following the damaging report from Ontario auditor general Jim McCarter on higher-than-expected costs for scrapping a similar plant in Mississauga, ON, Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli wants the Ontario Power Authority to come forward with a number. More

18. 8 Bruce Power reactors feeding grid
Owen Sound Sun Times
April 25, 2013: All eight units at Bruce Power were sending power to the grid for the first time in about two decades. Unit 6 at Bruce B returned to service from a planned maintenance outage, marking the first time since the early 90's that all eight units were simultaneously sending power to the provincial energy grid, Bruce Power announced in a news release. More

17. Rule challenge at Ontario Energy Board
Ontario Energy Board
Jan. 31, 2013: A number of entities that have renewable energy supply procurement contracts with the Ontario Power Authority in respect of wind generation facilities collectively filed with the Ontario Energy Board an application under section 33(4) of the Electricity Act.More

16. Niagara Tunnel hydro power project completed
Renewable Energy Foucus
Mar. 28, 2013: Ontario's new Niagara Tunnel is now in service to produce more clean, renewable electricity at the Sir Adam Beck generating complex. The Niagra Tunnel will annually produce more power, on average, than cities the size of Niagara Falls or Kingston use every year and is one of the best value renewable energy initiatives in Ontario, says Ontario Power Generation. More

15. New Ontario rules to give residents a say on where power plants are built
The Globe and Mail
May 9, 2013: The Ontario government will draw up new rules to make sure local residents have a say in where future power plants and other energy infrastructure is built, in a bid to avoid a repeat of the costly cancellation of two gas plants before the 2011 election. More

14. Saugeen Indian bands buy $72 million stake in power line
Toronto Star
May 16, 2013: The Saugeen Ojibway Nation has struck a ground-breaking deal with Hydro One to acquire a 30 per cent stake in a major hydro transmission line. It’s a first of its type for an aboriginal group, with the Saugeen Ojibway Nation or SON set to gain part ownership of the line running from the Bruce nuclear power station to Milton, ON. More

13. Ontario set to avoid 'over-committing' on new, big energy projects
The Globe and Mail
Nov. 28, 2013: Still reeling from its $1 billion gas-plant debacle, Ontario's Liberal government says it will avoid making commitments for large-scale new power projects. The province is expected to release its new long-term energy plan, as it faces fierce criticism over the cost of cancelling two gas-fired power plants and rising consumer prices. More

12. The new era of TransCanada Mainline tolls
June 27, 2013: Following one of the most significant and complex hearings in the history of the Canadian gas industry, the long anticipated decision on TransCanada Mainline tolls was issued by the National Energy Board. The decision institutes changes to the manner in which Mainline tolls are determined, with important implications for a wide range of gas consumers, including power generators. More

11. Distribution under debate: Proposals for LDC reform raise hopes and hackles
Feb. 28, 2013: There is widespread agreement that most of Ontario's electric distributors need to be larger than they are today in order to meet a range of challenges that are expected to confront the sector in the coming decade. Expected to lay out a path for reform, the Report of the Ontario Distribution Sector Review Panel was released on December 13, 2012 and immediately provoked divergent reaction from across the power industry. More