ARSA Dispatch
Apr. 5, 2013

New ARSA study underscores economic strength of MRO industry
The Aeronautical Repair Station Association recently announced a new report that provides a comprehensive economic review of the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul marketplace. The report, entitled "Global MRO Market Economic Assessment," is sponsored by ARSA and was produced by ICF SH&E.More

Sarah Says: Welcome to ARSA's new blog
This week ARSA introduced its new blog Web page that will allow members to learn the latest thoughts on today's hottest topics from the association's leadership. ARSA's new blog page is open to all to review and comment at Check it out!More

ARSA concludes successful 2013 Annual Repair Symposium
From March 20-22, ARSA held its 2013 Annual Repair Symposium, highlighting the association's legislative and regulatory successes this year and providing members with up-to-date information critical to maintaining their certifications.More

President's message
ARSA President Gary Fortner provided ARSA members with an overview of the association's recent activities and goals in remarks delivered at the 2013 Annual Repair Symposium's Membership Meeting and Breakfast.More

ARSA sets the record straight on proposed contract maintenance rule
On March 13, ARSA submitted comments on the FAA's air carrier contract maintenance requirements notice of proposed rulemaking.More

The air carrier and repair station regulatory relationship: Part 3
Sec. 145.205(a) requires a repair station to follow an air carrier's maintenance program. Unlike the regulatory clarity for a repair station to follow applicable sections of an air carrier's maintenance manual, the "program" requirement is blurred; the applicable rules must be carefully deciphered to give proper meaning to the regulatory text.More

NTSB releases 5 safety alerts

On March 12, the National Safety Transportation Board released five safety alerts that address common aviation accidents and offer steps that can be taken to lessen their likelihood. "Mechanics: Manage Risks to Ensure Safety," the only maintenance-related alert, provides recommendations for aviation technicians to ensure aircraft are safe to fly after being serviced.More

Final documents/ your two cents
This list includes Federal Register publications, such as final rules, Advisory Circulars and policy statements, as well as proposed rules and policies of interest to ARSA members.More

Legal waypoints: Prime/subcontractor relationships: The 'flow down' factor

The "flow down" provision is a common tool used by a prime contractor to simplify the preparation of a subcontract agreement. Rather than repeat and revise the provisions of its prime contract in the actual subcontract document, the prime uses a flow down clause to protect itself from a drafting gap between the two documents.More

Employment law and repair stations: Attention employees — read, review and understand your employee handbook
Employers understand the need for employee handbooks. Not only does it make sense to let your employees know what the employer expects of them, but it is also the employer's best defense against discrimination, wage and hour lawsuits, as well as unemployment claims. However, recent cases have demonstrated that it is not sufficient to simply provide an employee handbook and require employees to acknowledge that they have received and read it.More

Member spotlight: TIMCO Aviation Services, Greensboro, NC
Founded in 1990, TIMCO Aviation Services is one of the largest independent providers of airframe MRO services around the globe. Originally performing airframe and base maintenance, the company's work now also includes engine MRO services, aircraft seat manufacturing and parts, comprehensive engineering design and interiors manufacturing and line maintenance services.More

Have you seen this person?
Each month the hotline spotlights key regulatory, legislative, and business leaders making important contributions to the aviation industry. This month we look at Jim Perdue, vice president and sales manager of Sonico, Inc.More

Check out the new "Resources" page!
In Oct. 2012, ARSA launched a new, more user-friendly website. Since that time, the Association has been working to continually update the site with useful content to help guide you through the complex maze of regulations. Continuing that effort, the Association recently created a new resources page containing links related to regulations posted on the FAA website, relevant congressional committee websites, and other government agencies affecting the aviation industry.More

Interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the 2014 Repair Symposium?
As the maintenance industry's top event devoted exclusively to regulatory compliance, the ARSA Symposium attracts a highly qualified professional audience. Use this opportunity to promote your company while showing support for ARSA. All exhibitors and sponsors receive recognition on ARSA's website, in the hotline, weekly email bulletins, attendee materials and video intermission material.More

A member asked ...
Question: We are planning on performing repairs to components that are only installed on military aircraft. What are the FAA requirements for a repair station doing this work?More

Maintenance competition recognizes success
From March 13-15, AMTSociety held its Sixth Annual Maintenance Skills Competition to test the abilities of aviation maintenance professional and students. The MSC brought together 23 different teams from around the world competing in five event categories: military, commercial aviation, general aviation, school and MRO/OEM. The events ranged from basic safety wiring and turbine engine troubleshooting, to electrical/avionic troubleshooting.More

New workforce development group aims high
Aviation Workforce Development, a nonprofit group dedicated to providing labor market information and career entry and development resources for the U.S. aviation industry, launched a new website in its quest to promote aviation careers.More

India to create new aviation authority
India recently began ramping up efforts to replace its Directorate General for Civil Aviation with a stronger regulatory body, fleshing out the new agency's responsibilities to oversee the aviation industry.More

International roundup
To provide more international coverage, ARSA presents a monthly roundup of world events pertaining to the industry.More

Regulatory compliance training

Test your knowledge on §145.1 Applicability, the part that describes how to obtain a repair station certificate. More