ARSA Dispatch
Apr. 10, 2013

ARSA launches new newsletter for members
Aeronautical Repair Station Association
Last Friday, ARSA launched its new and improved monthly newsletter, the hotline. The popular member newsletter has been converted to html format and is viewable via your computer as well as most mobile devices. Members wishing to continue reading the hotline as a PDF may still do so as well.

"Much like we have done with our new blog site,, the association continues to provide top-level content and commentary in a format that is easy for members to view," said ARSA executive director Sarah MacLeod.

Members that did not receive last Friday's edition of the hotline should contact ARSA staff via email at

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ARSA educates Congress on economic impact of MRO industry

The Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA told Congress in a letter about the significant economic impact the aviation maintenance industry has in communities throughout the country and urged lawmakers to keep the sector's contributions and safety record in mind when considering legislative proposals.

The letter highlights a new report commissioned by ARSA, "Global MRO Market Economic Assessment," which detailed the economic impact and market breakdown of the aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul industry. Specifically, the study determined that the MRO industry has a direct and indirect impact of $47 billion on the U.S. economy and employs 306,000 U.S. workers, adding 30,000 new jobs since 2009.

"The report makes clear that although maintenance may be the least visible segment of the aviation industry, in addition to helping U.S. airlines become safer and more competitive, repair stations are significant economic contributors throughout the country. Unfortunately, the industry's economic impact and jobs are directly threatened by policies coming out of Washington, including the current ban on foreign repair station certificates and indiscriminate cuts to FAA funding," ARSA Vice President of Legislative Affairs Daniel Fisher said.

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ARSA blog: Lift the ban!

This week, ARSA vice president of legislative affairs Daniel Fisher discusses the association's continuing efforts to highlight the impact of the Transportation Security Administration's failure to finalize security rules and the subsequent ban on FAA certification of new foreign repair stations.

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New aviation maintenance industry data shows huge economic impact on Florida

ARSA Executive Vice President Christian Klein presented a new report last Friday showing the aviation maintenance industry has a nearly $2.2 billion economic impact on the state of Florida. At an industry briefing before dozens of aviation maintenance professionals in the Miami area, Klein explained that the industry employs 18,873 highly-skilled engineers in Florida, the state with the fourth largest aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul workforce.

"The aviation maintenance community's impact on the Florida economy is hard to ignore," Klein stated. "ARSA is working diligently to educate members of Congress from Florida and around the country to emphasize the aviation maintenance industry's critical role in developing jobs and boosting state economies."

Klein also discussed the association's legislative priorities, recent regulatory actions, how to get the most out of ARSA membership and how to help advance the interests of the aviation maintenance industry.

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House members write White House in opposition to user fees

Last Friday, 223 members of the U.S. House of Representative wrote President Barack Obama in opposition to the administration's continued efforts to support a $100 per flight fee on commercial and general aviation. The letter is the latest opposition from Congress to the White House on user fees and comes as the administration offers its FY 2014 budget that again includes the $100 per flight fee.

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Despite sequester, aviation companies expand in North Carolina
The forced budget cuts known as the "sequester" have not yet started to trickle down to the local level. But that hasn't stopped politicians from talking about what those cuts will mean. But business leaders in a city with strong aviation ties aren't looking at only the conversations in Washington as they plan their futures.More

Boeing completes Dreamliner battery tests
Eleven weeks after the fleet of 50 Boeing 787 Dreamliners was grounded due to lithium-ion battery malfunctions, the company announced it has completed tests on its proposed fix. FAA approval of the fix is expected, but could involve some more "back and forth" discussion. Even after the OK from the agency, it could still be up to two months before the fleet is cleared for service entry.More

Air Evac Lifeteam awarded 7th Diamond Certificate of Excellence
Helicopter Association International
Air Evac Lifeteam has been awarded the Diamond Certificate of Excellence for the seventh consecutive year by the Federal Aviation Administration. The honor is bestowed on companies that have 100 percent employee participation in the Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards program.More

MRO Exchange launches online MRO marketplace
AIN Online
MRO Exchange has launched, an online site that facilitates the procurement of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul projects by maintenance repair organizations and other aircraft service providers. More