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May. 8, 2015

Sarah Says — WAR: What is it Good For?

World aviation regulations would be good for quite a lot in aviation maintenance; the industry's challenge is to avoid being world-weary before WAR breaks out.More

ARSA Remembers: Fred Emery (1933-2015)

On Wednesday, April 29, Frederick Joseph Emery passed away at his home in Washington, D.C. For ARSA and its members, his passing marks the loss of a great friend to the aviation community and cause to celebrate his long service on behalf of the American people.More

ARSA on the Road — MRO Americas

From April 14-16, Miami was the center of the aviation maintenance world. On the exhibit floor and in the lecture halls, ARSA was there.More

Open House: SONICO Welcomes Congressional Staffer

Seeds planted on Legislative Day didn't take long to blossom as a staffer from Sen. Maria Cantwell's (D-Wash.) office visited SONICO, Inc., toured the company's Moses Lake, Washington facility and witnessed first-hand a repair station's contributions to the local economy and aviation safety.More

Pride in Professionalism — Research Study Needs Input

By supporting academic research and donating time and input to the institutions that train the next generation of aviation professionals, ARSA is active in ensuring the future safety of the flying public. Get involved with us.More

Road to Reauthorization: Another Day, Another FAA Hearing

On April 28, the Senate Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security Subcommittee held its fourth hearing in a month as it prepares to draft the next FAA reauthorization bill. The panel examined aviation safety and general aviation issues.More

Last Chance to Complete ARSA Member Surveys

The association's annual member survey is in your primary contact's inbox. Don’t miss your opportunity to contribute to ARSA's work on behalf of the industry.More

ARSA Works

To see all the ways that ARSA is working as the voice of the aviation maintenance industry, visit the ARSA Works page.More

ARSA on UAS Rule — Don't Bite Off More than FAA Can Chew

On April 23, ARSA submitted comments to the FAA's proposed rule regarding its control of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The association added its voice to the thousands who provided guidance to the agency in its pursuit of new regulations to oversee the use of the vehicles commonly referred to as "drones." More

Tax Day: ARSA Lays Out Tax Reform Priorities

As Americans submitted their annual tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service, ARSA outlined the aviation maintenance industry's tax reform priorities. More

You Can't Fly Without Us — The World of Aviation Maintenance

A short documentary overview of the aviation maintenance industry. Meet the men and women who keep the world safely in flight. For more information, visit

"Directly in Charge" of the New Contract Maintenance Rule

Last month, Legal Briefs introduced readers to the congressionally-mandated final rule on air carrier contract maintenance requirements. This month, Daniel B. Fisher explores some basic compliance issues related to the rule's language.More

Global Meaning of Reauthorization

Reauthorization — Réautorisation — Reautorización — إعادة تفويض — перераспределении полномочий — 重新授权
This year, the word "reauthorization" has global meaning. Whether you translate it into one of the official languages of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) — English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian or Chinese — or any of the world's countless dialects, what happens on Capitol Hill will be felt everywhere.More

FAA Agrees with ARSA on Work Instructions

On April 20, ARSA received a positive response from the FAA to a May 29, 2014 request for clarification of (1) a repair station's ability to develop and use work instructions and (2) the exact requirements for accessibility of relevant maintenance data during the performance of maintenance functions. More

Final Documents/Your Two Cents

This list includes Federal Register publications, such as final rules, Advisory Circulars and policy statements, as well as proposed rules and policies of interest to ARSA members. To view the list, click here. More

Leaning Business Processes

Management expert Bill Peterson explores how repair station leaders can get out of their employees' — and their own — way.More

Personal Development — Motivation: Feeling Good About Your Work?

In his TED talk, behavioral economist Dan Ariely presents two eye-opening experiments that reveal our unexpected and nuanced attitudes toward meaning in our work. More

Live Webinar — Contract Maintenance Rule Compliance

On May 28, ARSA is hosting this free session to review the decades-long fight to minimize the rule's impact on the aviation industry and overview basic compliance issues. More

Regulatory Compliance Training

Test your knowledge on § 145.209 — Repair Station Manual Contents. More

Member Spotlight: Ameco Beijing

ARSA's broad international membership is well-represented by Ameco Beijing. With its European and Asian parentage, the repair station is a perfect example of international growth in MRO markets: the bigger things get, the closer we become. More

Have You Seen this Person? — Thomas Mickler, EASA

Thomas Mickler became EASA's Representative in Washington, D.C. in August 2014. Through Mr. Mickler, ARSA is excited to continue its strong relationship with the European regulatory body. More

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The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Use the Members Getting Members Toolkit to recruit an ARSA member and your company will receive a discounted rate for your next membership term. More

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Check out ARSA's menu of advertising opportunities for, the hotline, and the ARSA Dispatch. Take advantage of these great opportunities today to showcase your company, a new product or event. More

Exhibit, Sponsor the 2016 Repair Symposium

As the maintenance industry's top event devoted exclusively to regulatory compliance, the ARSA Symposium attracts a highly qualified professional audience. Use this opportunity to promote your company while showing support for ARSA.More

A Member Asked...

Q: My repair station would like to tap into the international market, but I'm not sure whether pursuing certification in another country is a good idea. Can you help? More

Industry and International News Roundup

ARSA monitors media coverage on aviation maintenance to spread the word about the valuable role repair stations play globally by providing jobs and economic opportunities, as well as through civic engagement. You can explore these stories through ARSA's Dispatch news portal.More