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Jun. 5, 2015

Sarah Says — Get Off the Fence

As Will Rogers once said, some people won't learn until they pee on the electric fence for themselves. Experience is a powerful teacher, but with so much at stake for aviation businesses it's best to let ARSA prevent you from getting zapped in the first place.More

ARSA Joins STEM Leadership Council

On May 14, the STEM Education Coalition welcomed ARSA as a new member of its Leadership Council. Alongside the Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC), ARSA's new position will give the aviation maintenance industry a voice in the science, technology, engineering and math universe.More

ARSA on the Road: Cleveland, Ohio

ARSA's Vice President of Communications Brett Levanto presented at the Regional Airline Association's (RAA) 40th Annual Convention in Cleveland, Ohio and paid a visit to Component Repair Technologies' facility in nearby Mentor.More

You Can't Fly Without Us — The World of Aviation Maintenance

A short documentary overview of the aviation maintenance industry. Meet the men and women who keep the world safely in flight. For more information, visit

Silvia E. Marroquin, Legal Intern

Born in Florida and raised in Europe, Silvia brings her passion for global aviation to the association.More

Danny Boatright, Legal Intern

An A&P-certificated AMT and Marine veteran, Danny is pursuing legal education to help him build a career in service of the aviation community.More

ARSA Works and So Can You — Association Internship Program

Want to follow in Danny and Silvia's footsteps? Know somebody looking for a great professional development experience? Obadal, Filler, MacLeod and Klein, PLC, the firm that manages the Aeronautical Repair Station Association, continually accepts law and graduate student applications for its internship program. More

ARSA Works

To see all the ways that ARSA is working as the voice of the aviation maintenance industry, visit the ARSA Works page.More

ARSA Releases Working Away Advisory for Industry Comment

In response to numerous member inquiries regarding 14 CFR § 145.203, working away from the fixed location, ARSA developed an advisory that would provide repair stations a "compliance road map." The association requests industry review and comment on the draft advisory.More

Reducing Audits — Symposium Success & Industry Survey

A member attending this year's Annual Repair Symposium successfully eliminated an unnecessary review of its foreign repair station. See how it happened and help the association gather data about audit burdens for repair stations. More

Questionnaire: Improving Airworthiness Directives

Complete the questionnaire to support AD process improvement recommendations.More

Contract Maintenance Mandates Document Released

ARSA worked diligently, both on the regulatory and the legislative fronts, to ensure the relationship between repair stations and air carriers would remain unchanged by the new contract maintenance rule. Consequently, most of the new mandates already exist and the impact on the aviation maintenance community should be minimal. More

Counting on the Aviation Maintenance Workforce

There is plenty of anecdotal information on a skilled labor shortage in the aviation maintenance industry. Without objective government-recognized numbers, it is very difficult to understand the magnitude, or pinpoint solutions. Yet no one is counting. More

Rep Bradley Byrne: It's Time For A Smaller, More Accountable Government

Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.), challenges the notion that "the way it has always been done" is a good way to run a government. More

ARSA Joins Effort to Fix Aviation Workforce Data

On June 4, ARSA and a coalition of industry groups spearheaded by the Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC), submitted comments to the Standard Occupational Classification Policy Committee to more accurately define the occupations available in the aviation maintenance community.More

FAA Finally Clarifies Designee Privilege

On May 13, the FAA clarified a repair specification designated engineering representative's (RS-DER) ability to rescind an approval of engineering information. More

Final Documents/Your Two Cents

This list includes Federal Register publications, such as final rules, Advisory Circulars and policy statements, as well as proposed rules and policies of interest to ARSA members. To view the list, click here. More

"Recreational or Medical" Marijuana vs FAA/DOT Drug Testing

Shirley Negri from NATA Compliance Services (an ARSA preferred provider) overviews the implications of state marijuana legalization/decriminalization on FAA/DOT drug testing requirements. More

Personal Development — Unsweet Dreams

Debunk the myths that prevent you from living your dreams. More

Policy Solutions for a Stronger Technical Workforce

In the face of expanding global markets and increased demand for a highly skilled, government-certificated labor force, business must overcome the looming retirements of more experienced employees, skill gaps, regulatory limitations on training programs and, most importantly, data sources that are inadequately designed for defining the problem. More

On Demand: Keeping Your Covered Work

On May 28, ARSA hosted a webinar discussion to overview the decades-long fight to minimize the new contract maintenance rule's impact on the aviation industry and cover the basic details of compliance. More

Regulatory Compliance Training

Test your knowledge of § 145.211(a)(b) — Quality Control System. More

Member Spotlight — Columbia Helicopters, Portland, Oregon

From a single-aircraft, family company to global provider of helicopter services. Columbia Helicopters is a repeated winner of the William "Bill" O'Brien Aviation Maintenance Technician Employer Diamond Award of Excellence.More

Have You Seen this Person? — John Klein (R-Minn.)

From his position atop the House's Education and Workforce Committee, Kline's leadership will play an integral role in shepherding legislation that could bolster American technical skills and rejuvenate the future aviation maintenance workforce. More

Take Advantage of ARSA's Members Getting Members Program, Get 10 Percent Off on Membership Dues

The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Use the Members Getting Members Toolkit to recruit an ARSA member and your company will receive a discounted rate for your next membership term. More

Target Your Message: Advertise in ARSA's Newsletters and Website!

Check out ARSA's menu of advertising opportunities for, the hotline, and the ARSA Dispatch. Take advantage of these great opportunities today to showcase your company, a new product or event. More

Exhibit, Sponsor the 2016 Repair Symposium

As the maintenance industry's top event devoted exclusively to regulatory compliance, the ARSA Symposium attracts a highly qualified professional audience. Use this opportunity to promote your company while showing support for ARSA.More

A Member Asked...

Q: Is the receipt and handling of parts or materials that will go into inventory for use in maintenance activities a safety-sensitive function that is covered by anti-drug and alcohol testing requirements?More

Industry and International News Roundup

ARSA monitors media coverage on aviation maintenance to spread the word about the valuable role repair stations play globally by providing jobs and economic opportunities, as well as through civic engagement. You can explore these stories through ARSA's Dispatch news portal. More