ARSA Dispatch
Sep. 2, 2014

FAA Grants 90-Day Extension for Comment

In response to ARSA's Aug. 26 request, the FAA has granted a 90-day extension. The new deadline to comment on the draft AC is Dec. 10, 2014. Comment on the draft ...More

Aviation Group Questions FAA Repair Station Rule
Flight Crew Finder
Not everyone is convinced the FAA's recently issued final Part 145 rule, which governs maintenance of U.S.-registered aircraft, aligns with the intent of the original notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM). The Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA) last week said it is carefully comparing the comments the agency received against the final rule but believes the FAA "changed the rule considerably since the original NPRM that ARSA submitted comments on in 2012."More

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'Industry Is in a Better Space,' Says Spirit Airlines CEO
USA Today
The Knee Defender incident that caused United Airlines to divert a flight last Sunday wouldn't have happened on low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines because "our seats don't recline," Spirit Airline's CEO Ben Baldanza told FOX Business Network during a Wednesday interview that touched on a variety of topics.More

GoogleX Takes to the Skies with Secret Drone Project
USA Today
The drone wars have officially begun. Once the exclusive domain of DIYers passionate about buzzing parks and neighbors, tech titans are entering the fray with serious financial and gray-matter resources.More

Southwest Airlines to Ease Dallas Love Field Parking
The Dallas Morning News
Southwest Airlines Co. is building a public parking lot next to the entrance to Love Field as it gets ready for more travelers at the Dallas airport.More

AAR Acquires Temperature-Controlled Container Assets from Cool Containers
AAR recently announced that its Mobility Systems business has acquired the assets of Cool Containers, a manufacturer of temperature-controlled containers used to transport climate-sensitive pharmaceuticals and biological cargo.More

GA Telesis Provides $100 Million Asset Financing for Major European Airline
GA Telesis announced the closing of a new asset financing for a major European airline.More

GE to Outfit 777X Engines with New Composite Fan Blades
General Electric has redesigned the engines that will power the Boeing 777X to have thinner and stronger blades than any GE engine in service, and to power the aircraft more efficiently with fewer of them.More

This Airport Wants to Use Bird-Shaped Drones to Prevent Plane Crashes
The main argument against drones, at this point, is a safety one: What happens if a drone crashes into a plane?More

Spirit Aeronautics Increases AOG Service
AIN Online
Columbus, Ohio-based Spirit Aeronautics is introducing a new level in its AOG and on-site service capabilities. "Customers don't always have the choice of bringing us the aircraft or have time to wait for service," said Tony Bailey, president of Spirit Aeronautics.More