ARSA Dispatch
Sept. 23, 2009

TSA Takes First Step in Releasing Repair Station Security Rule
from ARSA
On Aug. 25, the Transportation Security Administration submitted its proposed rule on repair station security to the Office of Management and Budget. The notice of proposed rulemaking contains security program requirements for all part 145 repair stations, both foreign and domestic. Since the rule is currently under OMB review, its contents are not yet known to the public. More

Another FAA Extension in the Works…
from ARSA
With the current Federal Aviation Administration extension set to expire on Sept. 30, both the House and Senate are set to pass an additional extension. The next extension will likely run through Dec. 31, giving Congress until the end of the calendar year to pass the elusive agency reauthorization. While the House has already passed its version of FAA reauthorization (H.R. 915), the Senate version (S. 1451) has yet to be voted on by the full chamber. Numerous differences in the bills, including provisions regarding foreign repair stations, may contribute to further delay on legislative action. More

Campaigners: Vow to Halve Air Fumes a Conjuring Trick
from The Scotsman
A pledge by the aviation industry to slash emissions to half of 2005 levels by 2050 was dismissed by environment campaigners as a "conjuring trick." British Airways Chief Executive Willie Walsh presented the pledge at a key climate summit in New York. More

FAA to Overhaul Process of Tracking Whistle-Blower Reports
from The Washington Post
The Federal Aviation Administration said that it will overhaul the way it processes whistle-blower reports after Congress and the Department of Transportation slammed the agency last year for mishandling safety complaints. More

Pama Board Moves Ahead on Strategic Plan
from Aviation International News
The board of directors of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association is moving ahead with a strategic plan following Pama's separation from the SAE on June 1. The first step was hiring Potomac Management Resources to manage day-to-day operations. More

FAA Requires Inspections for Some TCM Cylinders
from AVweb
The FAA issued an airworthiness directive that affects certain Teledyne Continental Motors reciprocating engines with TCM EQ3 cylinders installed. The AD applies to engines in the O-470, IO-470, TSIO-470, IO-520, TSIO-520, IO-550, and IOF-550 series, which are found in a variety of GA airplanes, including many Beech and Cessna models. More

Latest TCCA Aviation Safety Letter Posted
from Transport Canada
• 2009 Update on Runway Safety • The HAC Column: NTSB HEMS Hearings • Missed Engine Cover Still Installed Brings Down HeloMore

U.S. Senate Staff: Congress Reluctant to Fund ADS-B Equipage
from ATW Daily News
U.S. Senate staff said that determining how to pay for transitioning to the satellite-based NextGen ATC system is proving difficult, with Congress reluctant to set precedent by footing the bill for early ADS-B equipage on commercial aircraft. More

United's final 737 flight set for Oct. 28
from USA Today
United Airlines will retire the last Boeing 737 jet from its fleet on Oct. 28. In a message issued to employees this morning, United says its "last Boeing 737 -- the beloved 'guppy' that served our airline and millions of customers well for more than 41 years -- will retire from revenue service at the end of Oct., in line with the fleet retirement plans announced in the fall of 2008." More

New Efforts Address Aviation Safety Concerns
from FAA
FAA Administrator Babbitt announces new offices and efforts to respond to safety concerns. Administrator Babbitt announced a new office designed to improve the agency's response to public safety complaints and whistleblower contributions, as well as renewed efforts to ensure consistent interpretation of agency regulations and policies. More

Columbia Helicopters Receives FAA Production Certificate
from Vertical Magazine
Columbia Helicopters, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Federal Aviation Administration has completed its evaluation process, and has awarded the company a Production Certificate for the Columbia Model 234 and Columbia 107-II helicopters. This step follows Columbia's acquisition of the Type Certificates for both aircraft in December 2006. More

Gander College Gets Quarter of a Million Dollar Boost
from The Beacon
College of the North Atlantic in Gander, a small town in Newfoundland, Canada, will be able to afford some much needed equipment and classroom upgrades thanks to a significant donation. The Boeing Company, a major aerospace and defence corporation, has made a $250,000 donation to the Gander campus to help spruce up the school's aviation program. More

Final Documents/Your Two Cents
from ARSA
ARSA now keeps a list of Final Documents and Your Two Cents on its Web site By accessing the links you will find a complete list of items the Association has noted as important to aviation design, production and maintenance activities. Final Documents: This list includes Federal Register (FR) publications such as proposed and final rules, Advisory Circulars (ACs), Orders, Notices, policy statements and related material of interest to ARSA members. The date shown is the date of FR publication or other official release. Your Two Cents: Provides you with the opportunity to provide input on rules and guidance that will affect you. Agencies must provide the public with notice and an opportunity for comment before their rules change. Your input matters. Comments should be received before the indicated due date; however, agencies often consider comments they receive before drafting of the final document begins. More