ARSA Dispatch
Oct. 2, 2014

Sarah Says — Fire and Don't Forget

ARSA works on behalf of the aviation maintenance industry through direct, ongoing contact with the government. Unlike a satellite being shot into orbit, "fire and forget" is not an option. Through constant attention, ARSA tracks every single matter and stays on target until the industry gets the right answer.More

Hopes for FAA Reauthorization Flying High

On Sept. 16, policymakers, industry groups, airline representatives and aviation business partners gathered at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to explore "the future of flight" at the Hill's Aviation Policy Summit. The summit embraced a broad range of topics, but all eyes are on the work of renewing the law governing its main American regulatory body — all have a stake in the process. More

FAA Aims to Streamline Certification Processes

On Sept. 17, the FAA announced new policy intended to streamline the Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) process. The new procedures prioritize U.S. aircraft projects and aim to afford increased predictability and improved response time.More

Your Word is Your Bond — Bonded Repair Size Limits Draft Policy

A member has alerted ARSA to a draft policy from the FAA regarding Bonded Repair Size Limits that would require design approval holder (DAH) substantiation on any repairs developed by owners, operators, repair stations, Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) or engineering firms.More

Washington to [Another] Washington — MacLeod at Airline E&M

SEATTLE — On Sept. 25, Sarah MacLeod showed the aviation maintenance industry how to safely navigate an increasingly-hazardous regulatory environment. MacLeod, ARSA's executive director and managing member at the law firm of Obadal, Filler, MacLeod and Klein, shared her regulatory insight at MRO Network's Airline E&M: North America.More

ARSA Works

To see all the ways that ARSA is working as the voice of the aviation maintenance industry, visit our ARSA Works page.More

"Serious" Petition to FAA

On Sept. 22 a coalition of aviation trade associations asked the FAA to fix a seven-letter mistake in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) that would create serious headaches for the aviation maintenance industry.More

Your Snapshot of Aviation Maintenance — Still in Focus?

In March, ARSA collected responses to its annual member survey. One hundred participants from across the industry shared insight about their current operations, future plans and the value of the association to its members. We're now halfway to the next survey and it's time to examine the snapshot you provided; is it still in focus?More

Hotline Throwback — 2003: Instructions for Continued Argument

Repair stations, manufacturers and regulators need clear guidance on the obligations and rights pertaining to Instructions for Continued Airworthiness. Since its inception, ARSA has worked to ensure that essential information is made available at a fair and reasonable price to any person required to comply with instructions from design approval holders.More

So You Want to Petition for Rulemaking

As ARSA members know all too well, regulations have a significant effect on business and operations. Industry can participate in the rulemaking process by commenting on proposed rules, but how can it initiate change to existing rules or suggest new ones?More

Recycled Air

Aviation stakeholders and lawmakers are once again gearing up for another round of FAA reauthorization lawmaking on Capitol Hill. Remember: Once a bad idea is unveiled in Washington it never disappears.More

Future UAS Maintenance Needs Could be an Untapped Windfall

Ryan Aggergaard of Washington Aviation Group explores the possibilities surrounding the introduction of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System and describes the factors impacting how the FAA will introduce UAS into existing and future regulatory schemes.More

Final Documents/Your Two Cents

This list includes Federal Register publications, such as final rules, Advisory Circulars and policy statements, as well as proposed rules and policies of interest to ARSA members. To view the list, click here.More

Legal Waypoints — Product Recall: How Would You Survive?

For a supplier who provided a defective part or component, the results can be devastating. Steven Pazar provides basic steps for solid risk management: Address the hazards of product recall before the defect even occurs.More

Personal Development — Financial Management 101

ARSA members strive every day to keep the world in flight and each should ensure that their hard work is working for them.More

"Teaching You How to Fish" — ICA Primers

ARSA General Counsel Marshall Filler provides an overview of the regulatory basis for Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA), including what documents are considered ICA and the obligations of design approval holders to prepare and make them available under 14 CFR § 21.50(b). Filler's lesson also covers the regulations that apply to repair stations and other maintenance providers regarding the use of ICA and their availability.More

Regulatory Compliance Training

Test your knowledge on § 145.161 — Records of management, supervisory and inspection personnel.More

Member Spotlight — Southwest Airlines

Flash back to March 15, 1967. Imagine champagne, colorful streamers, friends, laughter and general merriment — this was the day founders Rollin King and Herb Kelleher incorporated their new company, Air Southwest Co. So why is an airline a valuable part of ARSA's membership?More

Have You Seen this Person? — Kevin Hiatt, IATA

Each month, the hotline spotlights key regulatory, legislative, and business leaders making important contributions to the aviation industry. This month we look at Kevin Hiatt of the International Air Transport Association.More

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As the maintenance industry's top event devoted exclusively to regulatory compliance, the ARSA Symposium attracts a highly qualified professional audience. Use this opportunity to promote your company while showing support for ARSA.More

A Member Asked ...

Q: This repair station spends a lot of time and money ensuring that it possesses the latest revisions of maintenance documents needed to support our capabilities. We do not, however, get support from certain manufacturers — usually those that are not directly controlled by 14 CFR § 21 ...More

Industry and International News Roundup

ARSA monitors media coverage on aviation maintenance to spread the word about the valuable role repair stations play globally by providing jobs and economic opportunities, as well as through civic engagement. You can explore these stories through ARSA's Dispatch news portal.More