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Nov. 6, 2015

The FAA, EASA and MAG Change 5

On Sept. 9, the FAA and EASA released change 5 to the U.S.-EU Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement’s Maintenance Annex Guidance. Since then, ARSA has led industry-wide efforts to mitigate the impact of the change and assist the agencies in supporting compliance. Information and resources on the MAG change and other related documents (e.g., recent updates to the agreement’s Technical Implementation Procedures [TIP]), can be found across this edition of the hotline:

[Hotline Feature] FAA Issues AC 21-44A, Leaves Unanswered Questions

[Hotline Feature] Comparison: FAA-EASA TIP Revision 5

[ARSA Works] MAG Change 5 — Aviation Coalition Requests Orderly Transition Period

[ARSA Works] EASA Model Supplement Revision 2 Now Available

[Legal Briefs] More on the MAG Change — Section A

[Training] MAG Change 5 — Briefing & Listening Session Recap

[A Member Asked] Early Compliance with § 21.137(o)More

Tricks of the Trade

The “trick” — if you want to call it that — to regulatory compliance is to read the rule. As the voice of (and sometimes to) the highly regulated aviation community, ARSA’s mission has always been to shine light on simple truth: regulatory compliance starts and ends with reading and truly understanding the regulations.More

Aviation Week Network 2016 MRO of the Year Awards

Nominations are open for the 2016 Aviation Week Network MRO of the Year Awards presented by Aviation Week & Space Technology. Each year the awards recognize outstanding organizations in numerous categories.More

FAA Issues AC 21-44A, Leaves Unanswered Questions

AC 21-44A, Issuance of Export Airworthiness Approvals Under 14 CFR Part 21, Subpart L was issued on Oct. 1, the same date the FAA published a final rule allowing production approval holders to issue FAA Form 8130-3 as an Authorized Release Certificate. More

Comparison: FAA-EASA TIP Revision 5

Download ARSA’s comparison document highlighting the specific changes made to the Technical Implementation Procedures between the FAA and EASA. More

You Can't Fly Without Us — The World of Aviation Maintenance

A short documentary overview of the aviation maintenance industry. Meet the men and women who keep the world safely in flight. For more information, visit

ARSA Works

To see all the ways that ARSA is working as the voice of the aviation maintenance industry, visit the ARSA Works page.More

Aviation, Education Groups Request Time to Help Get 147 Right

On Oct. 26, a team of aviation and education industry groups requested an extension to the comment period for the FAA’s proposed update to 14 CFR part 147. The group asked for more time to consider and analyze the long-awaited NPRM in order to help the agency produce an effective final rule.More

ARSA, AIA, GAMA Support Development of AFS Guidance Methodology

On Oct. 9, ARSA joined the Aerospace Industries Association and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association on comments to the Flight Standards Service’s Draft Order 8000.AFSGDD, “Flight Standards Service Guidance Document Development.”More

MAG Change 5 — Aviation Coalition Requests Orderly Transition Period

On Oct. 7, a coalition of aviation trade associations sent a letter to the FAA and EASA addressing a major issue in the international agreement between the two bodies. The complication: documentation of aircraft parts that are subject to the jurisdiction of both the European Union and the United States.More

EASA Model Supplement Revision 2 Now Available

The model EASA supplement was created for U.S.-based, FAA-certificated repair stations that work, or wish to work, on civil aeronautical components under the regulatory control of EASA. The model supplement’s second revision incorporates MAG change 5, specifically adding newly defined terms to the list of definitions and updating language regarding new part tagging requirements.More

More on the MAG Change — Section A

Last month’s Legal Briefs focused on the recent change to Section B of the U.S.-EU MAG, which provides guidance to repair stations located in the United States for obtaining an EASA Part-145 certificate. This month’s column will analyze Section A, which provides the framework for EASA and FAA-coordinated oversight of certificated entities.More

Liberal Party Flies High in Canadian Elections

In October, Canadian voters went to the polls in much-anticipated federal elections. As the United States’ closest trading partner and the only country with which the FAA shares a truly reciprocal bilateral relationship, ARSA members should keep an eye north of the border.More

EC Investigates Maintenance Manual Availability

The European Commission has opened a preliminary investigation into how manufacturers may be limiting the availability of maintenance manuals and possible anti-competitive effects. In response to a questionnaire, ARSA focused on educating the EC about industry practices, the current rules and the impact of enforcement failures.More

Final Documents/Your Two Cents

This list includes Federal Register publications, such as final rules, Advisory Circulars and policy statements, as well as proposed rules and policies of interest to ARSA members. To view the list, click here.More

Full Series: I Need a DER, Or Do I?

From initial assessment to complete package, follow Peter Lauria’s six-part series on using the services of a DER. First appearing in the July 2014 hotline, Lauria’s complete set of editorials will help any maintenance provider step through the entire process.More


The association's training program is provided through Obadal, Filler, MacLeod & Klein, PLC, the firm that manages ARSA. To go directly to OFMK’s online training portal, visit To learn more about the association’s training program and check course availability, visit

MAG Change 5 — Briefing & Listening Session Recap

On Nov. 3, ARSA’s regulatory team hosted a discussion — headlined by Managing Director and General Counsel Marshall S. Filler — of MAG Change 5. The session engaged members in order to complement the association’s assistance to industry as the FAA and EASA work to effectively implement the change.More

On Demand Training: Overhauling Overhaul

Executive Director Sarah MacLeod provides regulatory context for the term “overhaul,” a review of its interpretations and tools for applying it in a business context.More

On Demand Training: Aircraft Parts in Three Parts

Executive Director Sarah MacLeod leads a three-session training series on the regulations and other requirements affecting the purchase, receiving and sale of aircraft parts.More

Regulatory Compliance Training

Test your knowledge of 145.217 — Contract MaintenanceMore

Personal Development: I Leapt from the Stratosphere. Here's How.

On Oct. 24, 2014, Alan Eustace attached himself to a weather balloon, rose above 135,000 feet and dove to Earth, breaking both the sound barrier and previous records for high-altitude jumps.More

Member Spotlight — 2015 ARSA Strategic Leadership Conference Attendees

Thank you to the ARSA member organizations and partners that attended the 2015 Strategic Leadership Conference from Oct. 7-9. Their participation and engagement made the 2015 SLC a success.More

Have You Seen this Person? — Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization

In Aug. 2015, Dr. Fang Liu was appointed to a three-year term as Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization. In October, ARSA Executive Vice President Christian A. Klein welcomed Dr. Liu to this new role at a Washington, D.C. reception for industry allies.More

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A Member Asked ...

Q: Will the FAA allow early compliance by production approval holders wishing to issue FAA Form 8130-3 prior to the effective date of the new part 21 rule (§ 21.137(o))?More

Industry and International News Roundup

ARSA monitors media coverage on aviation maintenance to spread the word about the valuable role repair stations play globally by providing jobs and economic opportunities, as well as through civic engagement. You can explore these stories through ARSA's Dispatch news portal.More