ARSA Dispatch
Nov. 7, 2013

Sarah Says: On Planned Growth

This month, ARSA Executive Director Sarah MacLeod discusses the association's future strategic direction. More

ARSA Comments on FAA Standardization Delays

Last week, the House Subcommittee on Aviation conducted a hearing titled "Review of FAA's Certification Process: Ensuring an Efficient, Effective, and Safe Process." The purpose of the hearing was to review progress the FAA has made in implementing provisions from the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 that require the agency to address inconsistencies with regulatory interpretations and streamline its certification process. More

New DHS Secretary Nominated, ARSA Eager for Repair Station Security Rule

On Oct. 17, the White House announced President Barack Obama will nominate Jeh Johnson for secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Johnson, a former general counsel for the Department of Defense, will take over for Secretary Janet Napolitano, who left office in September to become president of the University of California system. More

Aviation Maintenance Leaders Analyze Landscape of Industry

Executives from aviation maintenance companies around the world convened in Washington, D.C. recently to hear how industry, regulatory, and legislative changes will impact their bottom lines in 2014. More

Government Shutdown Ends, Crisis Averted ... For Now

On Oct. 16, the House and Senate approved legislation (H.R. 2775) to end the two-week federal government shutdown and permit increasing the debt ceiling. President Barack Obama signed the bill into law almost immediately after it was sent to his desk.More

Federal Register Proposes IBR Rule

On Oct. 2, the Office of the Federal Register (OFR) issued a proposed rule to update the requirements for incorporation by reference (IBR). The proposal follows the OFR's review of comments to a petition for rulemaking submitted to the agency last year. An IBR makes materials not published in the Code of Federal Regulations but cited in a rule binding. This most often negatively affects the civil aviation community when Airworthiness Directives IBR manufacturer service instructions that are not publicly available. More

Fall Webinars Cover Variety of Government Regulations

The fall lineup of online training webinars hosted by ARSA covers a wide range of governmental issues that aviation businesses face regularly. More

House Gears Up to Strengthen Aviation Security

On Oct. 29, the House Homeland Security Committee approved legislation that would enable the aviation industry to offer greater feedback on the development and implementation of policies, programs, rulemaking, and security directives. More

Deviation(s) to FAA Orders 8100.8, 8100.15, and 8120.23 Issued

On Oct. 24, the FAA's Aircraft Certification Service and Flight Standards Service Offices issued a memorandum allowing field office personnel to extend deadlines for recurrent training and requisite oversight duties. Requirements that were due to be completed in October 2013 may now be granted extensions through Jan. 31, 2014. More

FAA Standardization: Complicating What Is Simple

ARSA Vice President of Communications, Policy and Planning Eric Byer discusses how it's time for the FAA to wipe the slate clean and start standardizing FAA regulatory interpretations. More

Private Businesses Get Stiffed With Government Shutdown

ARSA Vice President of Communications, Policy and Planning Eric Byer discusses how private businesses get stiffed with the latest government shutdown. More

Taking Control

ARSA Executive Director Sarah MacLeod discusses how members with delegated authority should take control of their own destiny during this government shutdown. More

Aircraft Parts: Regulations Impacting the Sale

The month's article discusses the requirements for maintaining accurate records regarding the sale of aircraft parts and the differences between statement falsification and fraud. More

Final Documents/ Your Two Cents

This list includes Federal Register publications, such as final rules, advisory circulars, and policy statements, as well as proposed rules and policies of interest to ARSA members. More

How Does 'Honest Belief' Work?

Employers can prevail in lawsuits alleging termination contrary to the Family and Medical Leave Act by using an "honest belief" defense. Two different cases with similar facts and reasoning are instructive. More

TKC v. Napolitano — A Case Study in Maintenance Responsibility

Aircraft operators are generally familiar with the requirements for "scheduled" or "depot" maintenance on their airframe and engine(s). Technical requirements are in production approval holder and original equipment manufacturer maintenance manuals; operator compliance helps ensure continued airworthiness under FAA regulations. More

Member Spotlight: Turbine Controls, Inc. — Bloomfield, Connecticut

Turbine Controls, Inc. (TCI) is an FAA-approved repair station with more than 30 years of expertise. TCI focuses on the overhaul and repair of components and accessories for commercial, military, industrial and airframe applications. More

Have You Seen This Person?

Each month, the hotline spotlights key regulatory, legislative, and business leaders making important contributions to the aviation industry. This month we look at Sen. Jay Rockefeller III, D-W.Va., chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee.More

A Member Asked ...

Question: How do repair stations typically deal with the duty time limitations in section 121.377 when performing work for air carriers? Is there a standard rule of thumb? Specifically, is the rule being applied to supervisory personnel who are directly in charge of maintenance? More

Check Out ARSA's Library of Recorded Webinars and Online Training Classes

ARSA is pleased to announce that recorded online training classes and webinars are now available for member purchase. Check back often as courses will be continually added. More

Take Advantage of ARSA's Members Getting Members Program, Get 10 Percent Off on Membership Dues

The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Use the Members Getting Members Toolkit to recruit an ARSA member and your company will receive a discounted membership rate for your next membership term.More

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ARSA recently updated its menu of advertising opportunities for, the hotline and the ARSA Dispatch. Take advantage of these great opportunities today to showcase your company, a new product or event. More

Exhibit, Sponsor the 2014 Repair Symposium

As the maintenance industry's top event devoted exclusively to regulatory compliance, the ARSA Symposium attracts a highly qualified professional audience. Use this opportunity to promote your company while showing support for ARSA. More

Aviation Maintenance Resource Site Takes Flight

Addressing the need for a single hub of information about the aviation maintenance industry, ARSA recently announced the launch of (AVMRO). More

AVMRO Industry Roundup

ARSA monitors media coverage on aviation maintenance to spread the word about the valuable role repair stations play in their communities in providing jobs and economic opportunities and in civic engagement.More

Ukraine Complies with Strictest ICAO Standards

Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that Ukraine now adheres to safety standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization, based on the results of a July FAA review of the country's civil aviation authority. More

International Roundup

To provide more international coverage, ARSA presents a monthly roundup of world events pertaining to the industry. More