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The IQCP challenge
Dear ASCLS member,
If you’ve been tasked with implementing Individualized Quality Control Plans in your facility, you have a challenge...
You’ve never done an IQCP before, you probably have no formal training in risk management, you’re trying to figure out exactly what’s required from a regulatory viewpoint, and there are few good examples and precedents to follow, if any. And for sure - no one has the time for this.
Once you grasp the true intent behind the new regulations, you realize that you are now charged with implementing a new process – not just preparing new documentation. And that isn’t easy in a large, change-resistant, under-resourced healthcare organization. Add in all the variables and complexities of distributed testing in a typical POCT program, and you have a lot of moving parts and people impacted.
When you adopt IQCP’s you have more discretion over how you assure quality, but you also assume greater responsibility. You are now squarely charged, perhaps for the first time, with reviewing your quality control plan for effectiveness. It won't be good enough to say, “This is how we've always done it”. You need to create a custom plan that will virtually guarantee accurate and reliable test results – in your facility, with your testing personnel, with your patient population. And when you’re inspected, guess who will be on the firing line? You will need to substantiate how you arrived at your quality control plan and be able to defend its ongoing effectiveness.
A recent report from the Institute of Medicine asserts that diagnostic errors account for up to 17% of hospital adverse events and roughly 10% of patient deaths. Clearly, the quality of test results directly impact patient outcomes. A properly implemented IQCP is actually a data driven, outcomes oriented quality management process that assures the reliability of test results. In this light, it is easy to see how IQCP’s are a worthwhile effort and represent an opportunity to improve the efficiency of your entire healthcare delivery system.
This is an important and worthwhile task and will require adequate resources to do it properly. But if you work in a typical healthcare organization, with diminished reimbursements and severe budget cut backs, you’re already being asked to do more, with less.
In response, CarePoint Solutions introduces EZ-QCP, a web app that not only delivers a superior IQCP in a fraction of the time, but virtually guarantees improved patient outcomes. EZ-QCP will give you, your administration, and your inspectors the confidence to know that your facility is regulatory compliant and that your patients are being well served.
Bill Donohue, MS
President/CEO, CarePoint Solutions
EZ-QCP is available as an annual subscription in over 120 different modules, each module specific to a major IVD test system.
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