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Introducing the PhD™ lx System
Your IFA and EIA Automated Solution
Built on the tradition of the original PhD™ System, the PhD™ lx System brings simple, powerful features to light. With streamlined workflows and the versatility to handle all your routine tasks, the PhD™ lx System will allow your lab to have the high quality assay processing you expect and enjoy.

Trusted Technology Brought to Light
The PhD™ lx System builds on the tradition of the original PhD™ System with a focus on bringing simple, powerful features to light:
PhD lx secure Streamlined. In-well dilutions to 1 µl of sample; instantly create worklists form LIS test orders; cleaner IFA background with dual-probe hyperwashing

secure Versatile. Automate a wide variety of assays with the assay programming wizard; load kit vials directly into the versatile reagent rack

secure Secure. Track every action with Audit Trails; apply digital signatures with supervisor-level authority

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