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KOVA – Trol™ and KOVA Liqua-Trol™
Shelf Life Extension for All New Lots

After extensive stability and validation testing, we are excited to announce extended shelf life stability for the following products: Kova® –Trol™ I with and without UB and Kova® Liqua –Trol™ Abnormal Urinalysis controls with and without microscopics have been increased from 18 months to 27 months from the date of manufacture. Now, clinical laboratory customers can rest assured that the Kova® Urinalysis Controls with extended stability will meet and exceed their expectations for quality assurance off for their Urinalysis testing requirements.

The significant longer shelf life Urinalysis controls will allow clinical laboratories to stay on the same lot for an extended
period of time. This will enable them to extend significantly the time between revalidation cycles.

Features and Benefits:

  • Kova-Trol™ is a stable human urine control (freeze dried) for complete quality control of physical and chemical and microscopic.
  • Kova-Trol™ is available in three levels to monitor the entire decision ranges of
    reagent strip chemistries.
  • Kova-Trol™ has red and white cells included for QC of microscopic analysis.
  • Kova-Trol™ extended dating reduces product returns from expired short-term pull dates.
  • Kova-Trol I, III have shelf life 27 months.
  • Kova-Trol II has shelf life 18 months. (testing in process to extend to 27 months)
  • Liqua-Trol™ is ready to use liquid urine control for complete quality control of physical and chemical examination of urine specimens.
  • Liqua-Trol™ assures consistency from bottle to bottle.
  • Liqua-Trol™ has 30 day room temperature stability.
  • Liqua-Trol™ abnormal has shelf life of 27 months.
  • Liqua-Trol™ normal has shelf life of 18 months. (testing in process to extend to 27 months).

Ordering for New Lots with Extended Shelf Life:

KOVA® A Complete Urinalysis System

The KOVA® System packs includes specially engineered microscopic slides, sample tubes & caps, custom pipettes or "petters", collection cups and multi-level urinalysis controls for simple, reliable, and effective urinalysis standardization. From specimen collection to slide preparation, Kova® Urinalysis products help ensure samples are properly collected and handled for chemical tests using urine dipstick chemistry, confirmatory and pregnancy tests, and microscopic urinalysis. Kova® Urinalysis System gives the clinical lab consistent, reliable and reproducible results with minimal error and maximum efficiency.
  • Disposable components and quality control materials.
  • Convenient disposable microscope slides with optional counting grid.
  • Multilevel urine chemistry and miscopy controls in convenient lyophilized and liquid formats.
  • Multilevel serum protein controls for refractometry.

Samples : email with subject line: KOVA CONROLS SAMPLE PACK

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