The ASJA Weekly
Jan. 30, 2015

Readers Hate Clichés. Except When They Don't.
Helga Schier, ASJA
Clichés weren't always clichés.

Once they were creative images or poignant observations that became clichés over time, precisely because they worked so well and were used so often. Everyone knows what you mean when you say, "it fits like a glove." In a conversation, the very fact that everyone knows what you mean makes your point. But clich's are predictable, and writing should never be predictable.More

5 Ways that ASJA Membership has Helped My Freelance Writing Career
Content Marketing Writer Blog
I love the freedom of being a freelancer. I only have to work with people who are nice. I can write about different topics and learn about all different subjects instead of just one industry. If it's a sunny day, I can spend the afternoon jet skiing on the lake if I don't have any deadlines. And I am able to take way more than a two week vacation, which has given me many memories with my kids.More

What Nielsen Data Tells Us About Ebook Cannibalisation and the Total Size of the Publishing Market
Publishing Technology
Nielsen at Digital Book World is taking a deeper dive into genres, and looking at the extent to which it can be said the growth of digital books has cannibalised the print market. It's also going to use the figures that Nielsen disclosed about the estimated size (in volume) of the U.S. trade publishing to estimate how much digital has grown the overall industry.More

Test Yourself: Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Go-To Writer?
Writer's Digest
Every publisher or marketer has a set of favorite writers. When they need something new … or have an opening on the Editorial Calendar … these are the writers they call. The "preferred" writers … the trusted "go-to" partners … don't struggle to make ends meet. They don't wonder where their next project will come from — in fact, many have to turn away work because they have too much to do. More

Digital Newspapers Save the Local Coverage Market
Good E-Reader
Newspapers around the country have been in a steady decline over the past few years, a decline that arguably began with nightly news coverage as more and more households bought a television. In essence, a daily newspaper prints yesterday's news, which is then read at the end of the work day, making it nearly two days old.More

8 Foods to Beat Writer's Block
It happens to all of us: that moment in the middle of our work day when we hit a roadblock and think: This sucks. I suck! While it can be easy to feel like a failure in such an isolating and sometimes uncongratulatory line of work, you can always look at the situation another way. Every day that you get up to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard is a good one. Every letter recorded and every thought played out is a step in the right direction to making your writing dream come true.More

Social Media Is Overrated, Seth Godin Tells Publishers at Digital Book World
Digital Book World
Most publishers consider social media an essential part of their marketing toolkits, but author and founder Seth Godin joined Digital Book World 2015 in New York City to turn that idea on its head. "Not all of your authors want to be good at social media. Not all of them have something to say when they're not writing their book," he told publishers. More

What Does Facebook's New Tool for Fighting Fake News Mean for Real Publishers?
Nieman Journalism Lab
Facebook announced yet another tweak to the algorithm that governs its users' News Feeds. The social network has introduced a new tool that allows users to flag a post as "a false news story." The move follows a few other attempts by the platform to better delineate different types of content.More

The 10 Most Anticipated Book Adaptations of 2015
Publishers Weekly
The 2015 book/movie relationship has already started off on the right foot with news that Jennifer Lopez's character in The Boy Next Door (an English teacher) is given a "first edition" of The Iliad by the boy next door. Let's see if any of these book to movie adaptations can top that.More

What is a Magazine? Media Reporters Often See the Web as the Answer to All Publishing Needs
Talking New Media
The magazine is dead, or so some media reporters seem to think. But these same media reporters don't have a clue as to what a magazine really is, and why millions of readers still buy and read them every week, every month. More