The ASJA Weekly
Mar. 7, 2013

Custom content publishing and the opportunities for
freelance writers


The ASJA Writers Conference has always distinguished itself as being on the cutting edge of the art and business of freelance writing. ASJA2013 is no different as focus on the rise of custom content publishing and the businesses it has spawned to connect freelance writers with publishing companies and corporations. EByline, Contently, Demand Media Studios, and Healthline Networks are just a few of these custom content companies that support ASJA's Educational Foundation and have participated in the Writers Conference.

Next month we kick off the 42nd annual conference on Thursday, April 25 at 9 a.m. with the Career Compass Track session Custom Publishing: Where The Real Money Is. Andrew Siebert, chairman of the Custom Content Council and founder of Siebert Custom joins us to share his expertise as a top leader in this industry. He was recently president of Dow Jones Content Lab and president of SmartMoney (magazine, website, mobile), a joint venture between Dow Jones and Hearst Magazines.More

5 things a writer should know about working with independent editors
Bryan Thomas Schmidt
At some point or another, all writers have to consider whether or not their manuscript could use an editor. For most pros, that's not even a question. So here are five things every writer should know about working with independent editors.More

B&N to shrink Nook business
Publishers Weekly
With sales in its Nook segment falling 26 percent in the third quarter ended Jan. 31 and an EBITDA loss that increased to $190.4 million from $82.8 million, Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch said the company is taking "significant actions to begin to right size our cost structure in the Nook segment" and will also take a large write down on Nook devices to try to sell existing inventory.More

How Dan Slater built his proposal for Love in the Time of Algorithms
Are you struggling to write a nonfiction book proposal? Mediabistro's "Morning Media Menu" recently spoke with Dan Slater, author of Love in the Time of Algorithms: What Technology Does to Meeting and Mating. Slater explained how he went from losing his job to writing a book about dating in the age of social networks. He also shared some practical intelligence for making the best nonfiction book proposal. More

50 self-publishing promotion and marketing tips from the unique perspective of an eBook insider
PRWeb via Beaumont Enterprise
Readers who think marketing advice is necessarily complicated, esoteric, and expensive will applaud Bo Bennett's decision to release his new ebook '50 Tips for Promoting and Marketing Your eBook' at no charge through his company’s own bookstore. The book offers tips that come not from a single author, but from Bennett's experience supporting and observing the successes and failures of hundreds of author-clients at his firm, More

5 tips on how to break into music journalism
If you're passionate about music, then being a music journalist has to be one of the greatest jobs in the world, right? You get paid to review albums, get free backstage passes to gigs and festivals and hang out with musicians; well, yes, I suppose this is all true, but what they don't tell you in 'Almost Famous' is that it can be a brutal industry to break into and once you're in, you still have to prove yourself week in, week out or some other young buck will take your place. However, there are a few rules that you can follow that can give you the edge and as someone who has worked in the industry for over five years, please heed my advice! More

How to find your next freelance gig online
Digital Trends
With over a million freelancers on each clearinghouse site, the competition can sometimes be brutal until you find a way to distinguish yourself on that stats-focused systems. A great resume and cover letter might get you the first job, but don't hold your breath for a full-time gig — at least, not a great one. There are other options, and also how you can put in the elbow grease to make the big guys work for you. More

The mixed results of male authors writing female characters
The Atlantic
"By default, women have it easier than men when they attempt to craft characters of the opposite sex," says novelist Sally Koslow (The Late Lamented Molly Marx), "because our whole lives we've been reading vast amounts of literature written by men." For male writers, trying to navigate the evolving battles of the sexes is more challenging.More

Microsoft: Would they really want to own bookstores?
While it certainly is true that Microsoft has developed some retail ambitions — and buying Barnes & Noble would instantly give them more stores than Apple — the problem is that what they would have is well, a whole lot of stores that sell books, as opposed to say tablets, PCs, mobile phones and Xbox consoles. More

A new angle for paper, taking its place in a Wi-Fi society
The New York Times
An effort by a giant papermaker to promote the value of using paper is turning to everyday situations after spending more than two years at the office. The switch in subject matter recently began, when the Domtar Corporation and its agency, the Charlotte, N.C., office of Eric Mower & Associates, added four video clips-turned-commercials to a campaign that carries the theme "Paper because." The humorous videos are billed as entries in a series of "Really, Really Short Films" that started with the introduction of the campaign, aimed at so-called thought leaders in fields like business and education, in September 2010. More