The ASJA Weekly
Mar. 20, 2015

ASJA2015: Deadlines Are Upon Us!
The early bird discount for ASJA2015: Connect for Success is coming up fast. Take advantage of the lower rate and register before Friday, March 27 to attend the year's premier event for freelance writers, May 30-April 2 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. The ASJA Educational Foundation is also delighted to offer aspiring nonfiction writers the opportunity to apply for scholarships that will enable them to attend the conference.

On top of an incredible keynote address from Jennifer Finney Boylan, author of Stuck in the Middle With You and She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders, plus information panels, mentoring opportunities, pitch slams and more, ASJA2015: Connect for Success also offers an incredible social aspect. Hear from last year’s attendees in this short video, and register to gain these experiences yourself!More

Media Training for Writers
Leah Ingram, ASJA
As a writer, you're used to being in the interviewer seat. But once you write a book or start a blog, you'll likely need to do interviews to promote your work, meaning you'll need to take the interviewee seat. If you’ve never been media trained, you could be in trouble.

Media training teaches you new skills for answering questions, speaking succinctly and appearing confident once the cameras start rolling, the radio interview begins or a reporter hits "start" on a recorder. I know this from being media trained and from training others. Now I'm bringing my media training know-how to Members' Day at the 2015 ASJA Conference "Connect for Success." My session "Media Training for Writers" (Session T07) will include an opportunity for members to submit a media interview they've done, and then those chosen will receive a constructive critique from me and a mini media training session right there, on the spot.More

Why Authors and Readers Still Want Print
Digital Book World
Some of the biggest book industry events and trends of the past few years, including the closing of Borders bookstores, the rise in popularity of tablets and e-readers and the exponential growth in the number of ebooks (as well as of digital-only authors and publishers) could easily give the impression that print is becoming obsolete. But print matters — to both authors and readers.More

Why You Should Use LinkedIn Pulse to Self-Publish
Self-publishing via LinkedIn Pulse — or writing blog posts on LinkedIn that target its vast user base — can help you gain visibility in your industry, make new connections and find new career opportunities. More

Write The Headlines Your Readers Want: 5 Hacks You Need to Use
Search Engine Journal
Statistics about headlines are dire enough to push anyone into a terminal case of writer’s block. If I believe the blog posts that say some 8 in 10 people will read my headline but only 2 of those 10 will read my body copy, it’s enough to stop my writing process altogether.More

Manuscript Pitch Websites: Do Literary Agents Use Them?
Writer Beware
For Writers:
You'll have the ability to have your pitch/pitches read by hundreds of literary agents. With the click of a button an agent can request your manuscript and instantly an email will be sent to you as well as a notice to your homepage …More

The Secrets Of Writing Smart, Long-form Articles That Go Absolutely Viral
Fast Company
Over the last several years many professional writers and journalists have lamented what's been called the BuzzFeedification of the Internet. This is an Internet where, it seems, a steady stream of churn-and-burn content is king, and anything of substance is only second best. It's an Internet where if you want to get a job writing for one of the hottest media companies on the Web, your knowledge of how and why information is shared online is as important as your writing talent. More