The ASJA Weekly
May. 8, 2015

Transgender Author Earns Standing Ovation at Writers Conference
Boylan Inspires with Speech on Power of Storytelling

Just days after Bruce Jenner's landmark TV interview, best-selling transgender memoirist Jennifer Finney Boylan earned a standing ovation after urging hundreds of independent writers to remember that their work matters and makes a difference.

"What we do as tellers of stories can change the world and change lives," declared Boylan, the keynote speaker at the 44th annual national writers conference of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. "It may not seem that way when you're coming up with a listicle for BuzzFeed ... Sometimes when you're in the weeds of this profession, we can lose track of that ... But when people see or read a story, it becomes real."

The recording of Boylan's speech, with remarks by ASJA President Randy Dotinga, is available for free. More

ASJA ShopTalk: Finding Healthcare and Medical Writing Markets
Wednesday, May 20, 1 p.m. Eastern time

Looking to boost your career (and income?) Then it's time to turn to medicine. Whether you're already deep into the medical/healthcare writing arena or just dipping in your toe, you need this teleseminar. Veteran healthcare writer and ASJA member Debra Gordon will highlight the skills you need, the clients you can attract, and the marketing savvy required to succeed in this most lucrative freelance writing niche. Teleseminar is $19 for public; ASJA Members free; plus bonus handout. Don't worry if you have a schedule conflict; everyone who registers will be able to download the recording later.More

Putting Yourself Out There
Beth Rubin, ASJA
No pain, no gain. You reap what you sow. Just do it!

Simple, but not always easy.

If I had a dollar for every time I've procrastinated I'd be clipping coupons on a tropical island. Yet, once the foot-dragging ends and I dig in, I'm productive. Some might say, almost normal.

As a youngster, I feigned stomach aches to avoid putting on a frilly dress to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey. As a grandmother I get agita when required to upgrade to ladylike from my threadbare jeans and spaghetti-stained sweatshirt.More

How Fast Does Your E-book Grow
The Bookseller
The prevailing mythology around tech is that the giant internet companies will dominate globally, just as they do nationally. They are borderless and all powerful. Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly active users, YouTube 1 billion unique users. So what happened with e-books? Five years ago, pundits were talking about how Amazon, Apple, Google and Kobo would roll out globally to meet the worldwide demand for e-books: an eco-system built largely in America for a global audience. More

Police Videos: Are the Shooters Witnesses or Journalists?
Columbia Journalism Review
Feidin Santana recorded the horrific video in South Carolina of a police officer shooting eight times at fleeing suspect Walter Scott and then leaving him to die. In a not too distant past, the media might have considered Santana a source, a witness to a newsworthy event who turned over crucial information. But the fact that he recorded a video changes everything, not just about how justice might be served, but about the fundamental if overlooked question of whether Santana is serving in the role of journalist.More

Self-Publishing Boom Boosts Freelance Editing Services
For awhile, it probably seemed to some friends and family that Rebecca Faith Heyman had pursued an expensive degree at NYU without any intention of actually using it. She did her undergraduate and graduate degrees there, both in English, and while many of her classmates secured internships at the big publishers and magazines, Heyman spent her summers working service jobs in hotels and restaurants.More

Developing Your Writing Skills: Point of View
Writer's Digest
Point of view is usually categorized as first-person (using the “I”) or third-person (using the “he/she”) depending on from whose vantage point the story is told. Most advice to writers is to stay consistent within the chosen point of view in a given story or novel or risk severing the reader from the fictional world being created. So to play it safe, many writers stick to what comes naturally, a limited first or third person. But many great writers can, and do, play around both with point of view and with narrative distance, to great effect.More

Medium Adds Creative Commons Licensing for Writers
The Verge
Writing platform Medium is following the lead of services like Flickr and Vimeo and introducing Creative Commons copyright options for its authors. Writers will be able to select between a variety of licenses that go beyond the standard "all rights reserved," letting readers republish, translate, or otherwise remix their work. More