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Jul. 18, 2014

Save The Dates!
This year the ASJA Educational Foundation is proud to present two fall conferences — PLUS the annual Spring event — for aspiring and professional freelance writers. Full details and registration for the fall events will be available by Aug. 1, but mark your calendars now. Whether you're on the East Coast, West Coast, or in the great Midwest we have a great event for you.

See for dates and general info. Make this the year you attend an ASJA Writers Conference!More

Inside the ASJA2014 Long-Form Narrative Panel
By Christopher Johnston
Anytime you assemble a crew like we had for the state of the long-form narrative panel on Saturday afternoon, you're going to get a lot of salient information about what's currently transpiring in the world of publishing long-form articles and e-books.

However, we also had some wonderful creative friction sparking between the lone long-form article writer and the two editors focused on e-publishing and one editor with both print and online publishing expertise, which led to a lively, friendly conversation amongst the four panelists. As moderator, I got the distinct feeling that each, although passionately committed to his approach, was open to learning from the others or at least to considering their perspectives.More

Self-Publish Like a Pro: Finding an Audience
Publishers Weekly
Nothing diminishes an author's self-publishing dream quite like watching sales stagnate after a title's release. An author aggressively promotes the book on social media platforms. Her friends, co-workers, and family members buy copies and write reviews to show support. But within days or weeks of the book launch, the author is hit with the sobering realization that sales have dropped off because no one outside of her immediate social circle is looking for it.More

The Top 10 Publishing Insiders (& Outsiders) to Follow Online
Writer's Digest
If you're a writer, it's important to keep your finger on the pulse of the publishing industry. But with so much information out there and so many resources, how do you keep up with everything? Let us help.More

Apple to Pay $450 million in eBook Settlement
Apple has agreed to pay $450 million in damages to put an end to the eBook price fixing case. The company agreed to the settlement last month, but terms of the deal were just disclosed. The Washington Post has more: “The settlement, which would provide $400 million for consumers, is conditioned on the outcome of a pending appeal of a New York federal judge’s ruling last year that Apple was liable for violating antitrust laws.More

Kwame Dawes: How I Write
It's a peculiar thing, trying to describe a process of writing because I am not sure I understand it fully myself. The impulse to write is an impulse to write in a certain kind of way – to respond to art or to the shape of somebody else's poem or a challenge to do sonnets or something technical. Once the impulse is there, it is self-driven.More

A Publisher of One's Own
Inside Higher Ed
Self-published books are on the rise, to the dismay of onlookers who wonder what to expect from a sector where E. L. James's Fifty Shades of Grey – originally published as online fan fiction by a tiny Australian ebook company – appears to be the best of the lot. More than 391,000 self-published titles appeared in 2012, according to Bowker, the official ISBN-issuing agency for the U.S. More

What Is a Perfect Ending?
Writer's Digest
During a ThrillerFest panel moderated by author Nancy Bilyeau (Joanna Stafford series), authors Brenda Novak (Whiskey Creek series), Chelsea Cain (Gretchen Lowell series), Ben Lieberman (Odd Jobs) and Michael Sears (Mortal Bonds) discussed book and series endings, and how they hope readers feel after reading them. Here are some highlights.More

How to Get Successfully Published TODAY: Big 5, Indy, or Self-Publish?
The Huffington Post
It's the greatest time in history to be a writer. There are more ways to get published than ever before. While it's great to have so many options, it's also confusing.More

Journo-Inspired Beach Reads: What Are You Reading?
10,000 Words
Long weekends call for good reads. This summer I've already devoured two journo-inspired novels: Sarah Cahalan's Brain on Fire and Michael Hastings' The Last Magazine. You might have already read Brain on Fire, so forgive me for coming late to the party. It was on the NYT's Bestseller List in 2012 and it was just announced that Dakota Fanning and Charlize Theron will be starring in the film adaptation. More