The ASJA Weekly
Sep. 5, 2013

Managing the Business Side of Your Freelance Career — Online
By Gina Hagler

The freelance life comes with plenty of benefits. It also comes with the hassles of running a small business. At the top of the Hassle List for the writers who consult with me are:

  1. Creating an affordable, professional Web site,
  2. Tracking the money flowing in/out of the business
  3. Building an audience and platform, and
  4. Blogging consistently.

Amazon Pairs Print and Digital Books With New Program
The New York Times
For most readers, print and electronic books are an either-or proposition. There just isn't a compelling reason to buy both editions of one book, at least not at full price. More

Confessions of a Story Coach
Writer's Digest
Three writing conference attendees go into the hotel bar. The bartender, sensing a conversation — because writers are always great fun to talk to — asks them what they do in their day job.More

How to Polish Your Manuscript with Editing and Art Services
Publishers Weekly
A common pitfall for self-published authors is to release a book before it's actually ready for readers. While you may have constructed an entertaining and marketable work, it won't make a difference if readers are too distracted by typos, an amateurish cover, or inconsistent formatting to get past the first page.More

Retailers Discount Big-Five Best-Sellers, Keeping Prices at All-Time Low
Digital Book Wire
Despite it being the No. 1 best-seller, retailers decided to push the envelope with Penguin Random House's The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty, discounting it to $6.50 from $9.99. The move is part of a pattern emerging at retailers of discounting front-list, top-selling e-books from the largest publishers. More

Sophie Hannah To Write New Hercule Poirot Novel
A new Hercule Poirot novel will be published next year, nearly 40 years after the publication of the final book featuring Agatha Christie's famous detective. Sophie Hannah (pictured, via) will write the fully-authorized Poirot novel, and William Morrow will publish the "diabolically clever murder mystery" September 2014. More

Package a Story Pitch to Catch the Editor's Attention
The Writer
A few years back, Teri Cettina faced a common struggle that many writers come up against from time to time. She was trying to pitch the magazine Real Simple with a piece on how to treat kids' common health ailments. How could she freshen up the evergreen topic and catch the editor's attention? What would ultimately help her publish such a piece?More

When to Pay the Self-Employment Tax
If you plan to start a small business and pay yourself, you'll need to know a thing or two about the taxes you owe. One special tax that trips up a lot of small business owners is the self-employment tax, which is also known as the SE or SECA tax (which stands for Self-Employment Contributions Act tax.) This is essentially the same as the FICA tax that is paid by employers and employees for Social Security and Medicare. More