The ASJA Weekly
Sep. 12, 2013

The 30-Minute Novelist
By JoBeth McDaniel
Novels, when abandoned, begin to stink. A journalist with a desk piled high with work may be able to ignore the odor, but it's always there, the stench of neglect and dread.

For most fiction writers, there’s no deadline, no guaranteed payday – just a shadowy world that seems real only when the keyboard is clacking. As a journalist, I’ve taught myself ways to blow past the doldrums: write it rough, read my notes again, call another source.More

Antitrust Monitor Ordered For Apple Over E-Book Price Fixing
A federal judge who found Apple guilty of colluding with publishers in an e-book price-fixing scheme ordered the tech giant to modify its contracts and submit to oversight to make sure it doesn't happen again. The injunction issued by U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in Manhattan, N.Y., orders the iPad maker to hire an external compliance monitor for two years to supervise the company's antitrust compliance efforts, The Associated Press reports. More

6 Ways to Write Better Bad Guys
Writer's Digest
Luckily, transforming your antagonist from a one-dimensional paper doll into a force to be reckoned with — and remembered — is completely possible if you implement a few simple but powerful methods for creating antagonists and expanding their roles. You can build a worthy adversary during the outlining process or beef one up when you revise your already completed draft. It's never too late.More

Self-Publishing Is Growing Up
The Atlantic Wire
In a new attempt to keep up with the rising self-publishing industry, which increasingly demands to be taken seriously, Publishers Weekly is significantly beefing up its coverage of authors who go it alone. The literary trade magazine has announced that PW Select, its quarterly - turned-bimonthly guide to self-publishing, will go monthly in October — thus essentially doubling its critical coverage of self-publishing authors by the most influential journal in the industry. More

How Much Do Fantasy Authors Earn?
How much can fantasy authors expect to earn when they publish books? Few writers actually share their earnings, but it can be enormously helpful for aspiring authors. On Reddit, traditionally published fantasy author Paul S. Kemp and self-published fantasy author Michael J. Sullivan pulled back the curtain on their yearly earnings. More

Michael Lewis on Writing, Money, and the Necessary Self-Delusion of Creativity
Brain Pickings
The question of why writers write holds especial mesmerism, both as a piece of psychological voyeurism and as a beacon of self-conscious hope that if we got a glimpse of the innermost drivers of greats, maybe, just maybe, we might be able to replicate the workings of genius in our own work. So why do great writers write? More

How To Win A Pulitzer Prize
The Writer
Author Susan Kushner Resnick writes: "Last year, I sent out a request on Facebook asking experienced writers to share advice with my undergraduate writing students. A few snarky responses appeared first: Go to law school; get comfortable with a life of poverty. Then Gilbert King weighed in. 'Work. Read. Work. Think. Work. Write. Work. Connect. Work. Pitch. Same as always,' he wrote."More

The 24-Hour Screenplay
Screenwriter David Skaufjord wrote a long, unedited but quite practical post about how he wrote a script in 24 hours. After exploring his unorthodox method, you can read The Karate Kid-themed script he produced during the writing marathon.More

We Did Our Best, But We Were Powerless to Reinvent Journalism — It Was a Digital Riptide!
The Digital Riptide project interviewed more than 60 senior media and technology players about the disruption of journalism and the media industry over the past three decades — but is their conclusion a fair one?More