The ASJA Weekly
Nov. 28, 2014

ASJA Annual Writer's Conference 2015: Connect for Success
ASJA's Annual Writer's Conference, to be held April 30 – May 2, 2015 in midtown Manhattan, New York, is the premier event for professional and aspiring freelance writers. With three days of educational content about the art and the business of independent nonfiction writing, this is THE writers conference to attend every year. Find out more.More

Take a Hike!
Peter LaFrance, ASJA
I make this suggestion for two reasons. First, it removes you from your writing space and refreshes your perception of the world. The urban writer has it easiest. Suburban writers are at a bit of a disadvantage in that not all communities consider sidewalks a necessity. And the rural writer may lack either sidewalks or mechanized menaces but they must contend with rather rugged hiking opportunities. Nevertheless the Hike, not just a walk, is the objective rather than the method of achieving the objective.

The writing life falls into a particular rhythm. This is both beneficial and restrictive. So I recommend the following. For urban writers a half hour of city-speed walking will re-set your rhythm system to the street-rhythm of your city. By walking for fifteen minutes in one direction and then returning to the safety of your writing you can easily cover a little over a mile.More

Blazing the Self-Publishing Path
Publishers Weekly
Since the beginning of her writing career, M.C.A. Hogarth has been an innovator, not only because of the many worlds her aliens, spacefarers, and lawkeepers cover but in the way she gets stories to the people who want to read them. Long before self-publishing, crowdfunding, or e-books became buzzwords in the media, Hogarth was reaching out for new, often technology-based ways to create and maintain relationships with readers.More

Veteran Journalist, Educator Michael Shanahan Dies
The Associated Press via U.S. News & World Report
Michael Shanahan, a veteran Washington political reporter for The Associated Press and Newhouse Newspapers who used that experience to teach new generations of students at George Washington University about the business he loved, died Nov. 22. Frank Sesno, director of George Washington's School of Media and Public Affairs, said Shanahan died surrounded by family, after suffering a severe stroke earlier in the week.More

Making Sense of Social Media Metrics in the Newsroom
10,000 Words
There are so many ways to use and track social media success in the newsroom; it can make your head spin. In a recent report on The Media Briefing, writer Chris Sutcliffe outlines how to make sense of all those numbers, and what some of the best social media editors in the industry do. The whole piece is worth a long, hard read, but here are some of the main points.More

How to Become A Numbers Person in Journalism
Numeracy, or numerical literacy, is at the heart of data journalism. And if you are the kind of person who wants to become more numerate in order to do data journalism (maybe you’re a designer? A student? An inquisitive citizen?), one way to start is by thinking about a horse.More

8 Ways to Prepare to Write Your Nonfiction Book in a Month
Writer's Digest
As a nonfiction writer, you might feel a bit left out during November. Everyone is talking about NaNoWriMo this and NaNoWriMo that. All the while, you want to write a nonfiction book in a month not a novel. Well, you can, and you should. More

Open Road Doubles Down on Spanish-Language Ebooks
Digital Book World
Open Road Media announced today that its Spanish-language imprint, Open Road Español, has partnered with Roca Editorial, an independent book publisher from Barcelona, to market and distribute Spanish-language ebook translations of contemporary fiction titles from bestselling American and British authors, including Michael Connelly, Neil Gaiman, E. L. Doctorow, Karin Slaughter, Elizabeth George, Lara Adrian, and Maya Banks.More

Hey Indie eBook Authors, Here's How to Succeed
Attention, indie ebook authors. Mark Coker at Smashwords wants you to know that there’s never been a better time to be you. He writes, “Thanks to an ever-growing global market for your ebooks, your books are a couple clicks away from over one billion potential readers on smartphones, tablets and e-readers. In the world of eBooks, the playing field is tilted to the indie author’s advantage.”More

3 Ways to Carve Content From Writer's Block
For a few minutes, let all the thoughts of panic, guilt or whatever is going through your mind to die down. Let your "monkey mind," as the Buddha called it, quiet down until there’s pin-drop silence. It takes about 15-20 minutes for me to get to that stage. It may take longer for those who aren’t used to this exercise.More