The ASJA Weekly
Dec. 12, 2014

The Trade of Trade Magazine Writing
By Wendy Meyeroff
I've taught "Succeeding As a Magazine Writer" for many years. Usually, my students' main goal is major consumer publications, e.g., Good Housekeeping, Wired, Smithsonian. Fortunately, they enjoy learning how writing for trade and professional publications (print and online) can be great options for gaining dollars…and possibly more success.

First the definition: Trade and professional publications (or "trades") are designed to inform readers about a certain industry or profession. For example, I reported on some of the first consumer home health tests for Annals of Internal Medicine. DM News covers the direct mail industry and recently ran "8 Email Marketing Myths Debunked." More

Ongoing Paid Writing Assignments
Writer's Digest
Imagine having a paid writing assignment you can count on ... Every month ... or even every week! It's possible, if you write on retainer — which basically means a company hires you (and usually pays you a monthly flat fee in advance) to ensure you'll write for them on a regular basis. More

Best Christmas Books of All Time
Looking for some Christmas-themed reads? has created an infographic called “Best Christmas Books,” which includes a list of popular holiday books across genres including: children’s, fantasy, romance and crime.More

Survey Of 500 Publishers Reveals How They Want To Be Pitched
Marketing Land
A well-written subject line is the key to getting great placements, but how do you craft a good one? Contributor Kelsey Libert shares tips based on a survey of more than 500 publishers. More

What the Industry Learned in 2014
The Bookseller
The discovery of talent via YouTube, a resurgence at Waterstones, the long-running Amazon/Hachette terms dispute and the thinning out of independent publisher numbers were among the significant developments in 2014, according to prominent figures in the industry. CEOs from across the trade have given their thoughts on the year to The Bookseller. More

Will Diversification Boost Publishing Industry?
The U.S. newspaper publishing industry has long been grappling with sinking advertising revenues, and the global economic turmoil of the last few years only worsened the situation. The downturn in the newspaper publishing industry, seen over the last few years, aggravated as print readership declined with more readers opting for free online news, thereby making the print-advertising model increasingly irrelevant. More

Tax Strategy 101 for Indie Authors
Publishers Weekly
Books aren't the only thing self-published writers can write. Everything from printer paper to paper clips is a potential tax write-off. The trick is staying on top of expenses and knowing where to draw the line. In the words of Peter Frank, a partner at CPA firm Cornick, Garber & Sandler, LLP in NYC: "Just because you had a good time doesn't mean it's not deductible." More

Publishers Continue to Make it Hard on Those Who Use a Mobile Device for Magazine Reading
Talking New Media
The Apple Newsstand has seen more than 170 new magazine — and a few newspaper — apps for the iPhone released into the digital newsstand recently. But of those, less than 5 percent appear to have actually taken the iPhone into account when designed — and none were iPhone-only apps. With smartphones getting larger, thanks to the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as those popular Samsung models, publishers have begun to wonder if their digital editions are being read on a tablet or smartphone. More