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Don’t trust your book launch to autopilot
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Don’t put your book launch on autopilot. Take control of your book’s success with this exclusive eBook.
There is no quick scheme for success. But there is plenty of expert advice, and Tim Grahl’s latest book is filled with practical knowledge for authors shooting for bestseller lists to authors looking to sell their first copies.

The Book Launch Blueprint covers:
  • How to sell as many copies as possible to your fans.
  • How to encourage fans to share your book with others.
  • How to persuade influencers to promote your book to their fans.
What readers are already saying:
  • “If you're willing to play the long game, act with intention and purpose, and follow his advice, you can have a bestseller, too.”
  • “This book was hard to ignore. It offers great advice that any aspiring author can follow.”
  • “Though Grahl speaks specifically about launching a new release, the same principles can be applied to a book that's been out and needs some attention.”
Read it today
Time Grahl has led numerous authors with varying ideas of success achieve their goals using this very business model, and now for a limited time it’s exclusively available to you. Download your free copy today.

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