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Where Digital Publishing News Influencers Gather to Network and Learn
Digital Book World Conference + Expo 2015 DBW 2015

Publishing is undergoing radical upheaval with no end in sight, as digital disrupts the status quo for publishers, authors, agents, retailers, other media companies and readers. This ongoing revolution manifested itself in one of the biggest business stories of 2014—Amazon’s contract negotiation battle with Hachette. Although a truce was called last month, the war that will determine the future of the book is still being fought.

So what’s the future of the book? Will the web and the exponential growth of mobile spell its demise? Are reading and learning changing for better or worse? These are some of the many questions facing the publishing industry today. And if you’re interested in the answers, join hundreds of professionals and influencers in publishing’s “Game of Thrones” at the Digital Book World Conference + Expo.

Attend the Digital Book World Conference + Expo and hear from key innovators and influencers. Gather intelligence for your own advancement or write about the future of the book industry, related trends or the year in review (we have many noteworthy headliners):
  • Get Amazon’s View on the Future of Book Publishing and Selling
    Russ Grandinetti, Senior Vice President for Kindle, Amazon, in a candid Q&A
  • Learn How The New York Times Is Interpreting Audience Behavior, Promoting Discovery and Using Journalism to Reach the Broadest Possible Audience
    James Robinson, Director, News Analytics, The New York Times
  • Consider Innovators, Collaborators and Change Agents of the Digital Revolution
    Walter Isaacson, Bestselling Author of The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution
  • Discover How Authors Decide Between Traditional and Self-Publishing
    Judith Curr, President and Publisher, Atria Publishing Group
  • Evaluate Publishing and Other Media in a World of Engineers
    Ken Auletta, Media Columnist, The New Yorker, and author of Googled: The End of the World As We Know It
  • Find Out What's Possible and What's Important for a Variety of Players in the Publishing Value Chain
    Seth Godin, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur and Marketing Guru
What Publishing Trends Will Make Headlines in 2015?
Click for White Paper While Amazon’s contract negotiation battle with Hachette was one of the big news items of 2014, there are more stories ahead as the future of books evolves. What other trends will gain traction in 2015? Find out with your complimentary copy of the new DBW white paper: 11 Topmost Digital Book Publishing Trends & Opportunities.

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