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Jan. 6, 2015

ASPE members presenting at International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare Membership Committee
Dear ASPE members, with the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) fast approaching, we are pleased to announce the following ASPE member presentations at the conference. The ASPE members announced below are those that responded to our solicitation email in November and do not represent an exhaustive list of ASPE members presenting this year or a complete list of authorship. To see the complete IMSH agenda, go here.More

Mindfulness as a predictor of positive reappraisal and burnout in standardized patients
Annotated by Cate Nicholas, U of Vermont
This study explored the SP characteristics that might serve as protective factors (positive reappraisal and mindfulness) when playing emotionally intense roles which could contribute to burnout. More

New ASPE committee focuses on training sexual assault responders
By Isle Polonko, New Jersey Medical School
Based on a need identified by Scott George's Member Liaison project, ASPE now provides a networking and educational resource for members interested in incorporating interactive teaching methods Sexual Assault Responder training. More

New test measures doctors' ability to deliver patient-centered care
Medical Xpress
When healthcare providers take patients' perspectives into consideration, patients are more likely to be actively engaged in their treatment and more satisfied with their care. This is called patient-centered care, and it has been the central focus of the curriculum at the University of Missouri School of Medicine since 2005. Recently, MU researchers have developed a credible tool to assess whether medical students have learned and are applying specific behaviors that characterize patient-centered care.More

US healthcare spending on track to hit $10,000 per person this year
There's never a shortage of major healthcare policy events in any given calendar year — and 2015 will be no exception. Here's a short list of some that are pending and noteworthy — with a few predictions. First up isn't a prediction as much as a major milestone that's reflective of escalating healthcare costs. More

The importance of listening to patients
The New York Times
Betsy came to Dr. Martin for a second — or rather, a sixth — opinion. Over a year, she had seen five other physicians for a "rapid heartbeat" and "feeling stressed." After extensive testing, she had finally been referred for psychological counseling for an anxiety disorder. The careful history Dr. Martin took revealed that Betsy was taking an over-the-counter weight loss product that contained ephedrine. When she stopped taking the remedy, her symptoms also stopped. Asked why she hadn't mentioned this information before, she said she'd "never been asked."More

Making the right hire: Everything you need to do
By Jared Kligerman
Even 10 years ago, having an excellent product or service at a good price was enough for you to be competitive and successful. Today, with the increasing use of blogs, online review sites and social media, that is not enough. Our employees define the brand, and we rely on them to deliver amazing customer service to ensure our product/service is sold to returning, loyal customers, who in turn recommend our product/service to their friends. The culture of an organization is also reliant on having like-minded employees who support each other. More

9 super effective ways to motivate your team
Teams are the way that most companies get important work done. When you combine the energy, knowledge and skills of a motivated group of people, then you and your team can accomplish anything you set your minds to. Try these nine powerful ways to keep the members of your team motivated and giving their very best on the job.More

America's 9 biggest health issues
After an incredibly busy 2014, during which health stories like Ebola, new food nutrition label rules and the debate about the right to die sparked by Brittany Maynard dominated the headlines, it's now worth looking at what we may be covering in the next 12 months. So, in no particular order, here's are the nine big health stories to watch for, and the questions they will likely raise, in 2015. More

10 New Year's resolutions for workplace happiness
Talent Management
It is that time of year to make a list of resolutions. At the heart of most resolutions is a desire to live a happier life and enjoy more workplace success, but for some reason, resolutions focus on removing the negative things from our life rather than filling our new year with positive things. Instead of making the usual glum commitments about taming bad habits, why not focus on what will really make you happy at work and in life?More