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An Interview with Dr. Maria Canter

Dr. Canter is among the first surgeons board certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery as well as Obstetrics & Gynecology. Her practice, Urogynecology Center NoVa, is in Reston, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C.

Why did you open your own practice?

I envisioned creating and growing a practice focused on innovative women’s health treatments — surgical and nonsurgical. But, that didn’t fit inside the employment model. I decided to open my own practice and invest in proven technology that helped my patients, like the Viveve treatment.

Why did you choose the Viveve Solutions/System?

Shortly after I opened my own practice, several patients opened up to me about their post-childbirth body changes. Since giving birth, their intimate relationships had changed significantly with their partners, and these women were heartbroken.

They were experiencing vaginal laxity, decreased sexual sensation and urinary incontinence. They weren’t interested in surgery, so I began searching scientific literature for effective, nonsurgical, minimally-invasive solutions.

One study stood out to me: the VIVEVE I Study. A randomized, multicentered, blinded, sham-controlled trial demonstrating statistically significant improvement in vaginal laxity and sexual dysfunction in the treatment group. I was intrigued by the Cryogen-Cooled Monopolar Radiofrequency(CMRF), so I emailed Viveve through their website. Viveve invited me to their headquarters in Denver, to learn more from their clinical, research and technology teams. Every one of my questions had a clinically proven answer.

With Viveve’s clinical research, CMRF technology for new collagen and the InControl Products improving pelvic muscle tone, I knew these solutions were right for my practice and my patients.

How have the Viveve Solutions worked in your practice?

We purchased the Viveve Solutions at the end of 2017 and really began promoting them in January. Since then, we’ve treated 13 patients. Long term, I see the Viveve treatment benefiting my patients significantly, because it’s effective, minimally-invasive, clinically-proven and only one treatment. During the treatment, patients tell us they barely feel anything, only a little warmth sometimes, but nothing uncomfortable or painful.

My patients are busy (we all are), and this treatment allows them to get straight back to work, to pick up their kids, or whatever activities they want. The Viveve treatment doesn’t slow them down.

The Viveve studies are impressive and compelling, but I also love hearing my patients tell me how the Viveve Solutions have improved their lives. We’ve started asking patients to come back 3 months post-treatment, so we can check their results and ask how they’re doing.

Patients have told me they’re no longer wearing pads—they’re dry! One patient told me she originally desired treatment to improve sexual sensation for her partner, but after a few weeks was shocked at how many orgasms she was having. It was a win-win for her.

The Viveve Solutions can truly benefit couples’ intimate relationships. I look forward to helping more women in my practice with the Viveve Solutions.

7701 Las Colinas Ridge, Ste. 800, Irving, TX 75063