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Introducing the Hoyte Sacro Tips for
Vaginal Prolapse Repair

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Designed to Facilitate Suturing

Mesh placement during sacrocolpopexy or sacrocervicopexy can be cumbersome and time-consuming. The Hoyte Sacro Tips, used in conjunction with the Advincula Arch™ Handle are an ideal solution. Supplying constant tension, tissue migration is minimized during mesh attachment.

The small and large sizes allow the surgeon to choose a size that is appropriate for each patient.

  • The Hoyte Sacro Tips provide a bilateral flared top , flat anterior, curved and rounded posterior to fit securely and comfortable in the vagina.
  • The curved posterior of the sacro tip enhances visualization of the full extent of the posterior wall and the rectovaginal septum.
  • The sacrocervicopexy tips provide a landing area for the cervix allowing easier placement and suturing.
  • The Hoyte Sacro Tips, while connected to the Advincula Arch Handle, provide a 1-for-1 tactile tissue feel. The tips are also well suited to work with the ALLY Uterine Positioning System™ to provide static control and optimal exposure while suturing.
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Developed by Lennox Hoyte MD, MSEECS

Lennox Hoyte MD, MSEECS These sacro tips were developed throughout Dr. Lennox Hotye's many years of Pelvic MRI and 3D reconstruction research. He designed them to match the natural shape of the vagina, in order to make it easy to dissect the tissues, and place the sutures during robotic or laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy or sacrocervicopexy.

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To place an order or learn more about Hoyte Sacro Tips, contact your CooperSurgical representative or call customer service at 1.800.243.2974 or 203.601.5200.

Our products are available where and when you need them, through our advanced manufacturing and distribution facilities in Trumbull, CT.

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