AUTM Newsbrief
Jan. 24, 2013

New Cornell Technology School Tightly Bound to Business
The New York Times
Cornell NYC Tech, a new graduate school focusing on applied science, is a bold experiment on many fronts: a major expansion for an august upstate school, a high-impact real estate venture for Roosevelt Island, an innovative collaboration with a foreign university, a new realm of influence for City Hall. But the most striking departure of all may be the relationship it sets forth between university and industry, one in which commerce and education are not just compatible, they are also all but indistinguishable.More

Finding Innovation in the Rough
John Chavez is always on the hunt for the next big idea. Literally. The president of the New Mexico Angels and tax secretary to former governor Gary Johnson spends hours each month trolling the research labs of the University of New Mexico, visiting with scientists and their graduate assistants. Chavez knows universities are fertile ground for raw technology with potentially lucrative commercial applications. Chavez isn't the only entrepreneur or investor vetting university research. Venture capitalists routinely walk the labs of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University. With those two universities hauling in a combined $142.9 million in licensing income in 2011, the VCs aren't walking away empty-handed. So how does an entrepreneur gain access to the potentially fertile grounds of university research labs? Here are five suggestions.More

Michigan's University Research Corridor had $15.5 Billion Economic Impact
The Detroit News
Michigan's University Research Corridor, an alliance of the state's three largest universities, is growing in several areas, including a $15.5 billion economic impact on the state, according to an annual report. However, when compared with six other clusters of university alliances around the country, the URC's national ranking in technology transfers to the private sector has remained the same since 2007.More

Carnegie Mellon Wins Record $1.17 Billion Verdict Against Marvell Semiconductor
Ars Technica
A Pittsburgh jury found that hard drive control chips made by Marvell Semiconductor infringe two patents owned by Carnegie Mellon University. Following a four-week trial in federal court, nine jurors unanimously held that Marvell should have to pay $1,169,140,271 in damages — the full sum that CMU's lawyers had asked for.More

Yale Partners with Evotech as Trend in University-pharma Collaboration Rises
PMLiVE via Technology Transfer Tactics
In another open innovation development featuring an Ivy League school, German health tech company Evotech has entered into partnership with Yale University to develop treatments for a number of unmet medical needs, targeting patients with metabolic diseases, central nervous system disorders, immunological diseases and cancers. According to Evotech, the collaboration aims to "seamlessly integrate Evotech's drug discovery infrastructure with highly innovative biology at Yale to mature individual projects to a stage where they can be commercialized."More

Crowdsourcing to Fight Patent Trolls
Bloomberg Businessweek
Last year, Philips Electronics faced a potential legal challenge on its LED lighting products, and the company's in-house attorneys had trouble formulating a viable defense. So the Dutch electronics giant turned to Article One Partners in New York, a website where more than 27,000 researchers sift through obscure public domain materials including scientific papers, doctoral theses and even product manuals to poke holes in legal claims — and possibly earn thousands of dollars. Within days, Article One's sleuths uncovered an older patent application that showed the claimant's patent wasn't original.More

University of Manitoba to Offer Free Research Until Technology Makes Money
Winnipeg Free Press
The University of Manitoba is embarking on a new approach to technology commercialization — they're giving it away. Well, not exactly. But instead of hard-boiled negotiations between the university and industry partners on royalties and licensing agreements for intellectual property developed in-house, the university will make the research available to partners with no financial commitment until the company itself starts making money from the technology.More

Near-infrared Glasses Thwart Face Recognition
National Institute of Informatics via PhysOrg
People generally like the idea of facial recognition technology, if they are asked about it in the context of identifying dangerous killers on the loose and people out to spread mayhem. People generally hate the idea of facial recognition technology in the context of their own faces showing up without their permission on social networking sites or on databases designed to boost a company's sales. As law-enforcement and commercial companies explore facial recognition technologies, privacy groups are throwing up red flags.More

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    AUTM Announces Business Plan Competition Finalists
    The Association of University Technology Managers will feature a business plan competition during the AUTM Venture Forum at its AUTM 2013 Annual Meeting, Feb. 27-March 2 in San Antonio.

    Thirty companies entered the competition, and four finalists were selected to pitch their startups to a group of venture capitalists for a $10,000 Grand Prize.

    The finalists are:

  • BioReplicon, based on technology arising from The University of Texas at Austin and Gang-Gung University
  • Iowa Approach LLC, based on technology arising from University of Iowa
  • RETECTIX, LLC, based on technology arising from Washington University in St. Louis
  • VitaThreads, LLC, based on technology arising from Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • The AUTM 2013 Venture Forum will provide attendees an opportunity to hear from and interact with some of the top institutional and corporate venture investors in the country.

    The AUTM Business Plan Competition judges are:

    Douglas D. French, Managing Director, Santé Ventures
    Danny Janiak, Associate, DFJ Mercury
    Kyparissia Sirinakis, Managing Partner, Rock Spring Ventures
    S. Edward Torres, Managing Director, Lilly Ventures

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