AUTM Newsbrief
May. 23, 2013

Are Pharmaceutical Patents a Barrier to Access to Medicines?
Critics argue that pharmaceutical patents are a barrier to wide-reaching access to medicines, especially for vulnerable populations in the developing world. They cast their argument in the phrase, "patents kill" and advocate against intellectual property protection for medical innovation and the trade agreements that incorporate them. Their position, however, begs the question of what truly influences a population's access to medicines.More

New Crowdfunding Site Allows Public to Advance U.Va. Research Projects Through Targeted Donations
University of Virginia
U.Va. Innovation launched the University of Virginia's first crowdfunding website, enabling alumni and others to make targeted, tax-deductible donations in support of specific research and development projects under way at the university. The site will feature up to 10 translational research projects over the course of a six-month pilot initiative. More

Optical Chip Innovation Transferred to Industry
An optics innovation that enables researchers to vary how light is split on optical chips has been transferred from the University of Sydney to Finisar, creating a wave of sales for the Australia-based company. The technology could be particularly useful for researchers and developers of optical communication systems, enabling more thorough system testing and reduced development time for optical components and systems.More

Cystic Fibrosis Patents: A Case Study of Successful Licensing
Licensing Executives Society International
From 2006-2010, Duke University's Center for Public Genomics prepared eight case studies examining the effects of gene patent licensing practices on clinical access to genetic testing for ten clinical conditions. One of these case studies focused on the successful licensing practices employed by the University of Michigan and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto for patents covering the CFTR gene and its ΔF508 mutation that causes a majority of cystic fibrosis cases.More

Patented System Better Secures Digitally Stored Data
Arizona State University computer scientist Gail-Joon Ahn has been granted a U.S. patent for a novel identity management system that helps protect personal identity information stored on digital devices. GFS Technology focuses on identity management solutions and also works on a platform for mobile users whose mobile devices are used for work, eCommerce, financial transactions and Internet use. The technology protects against insecure connections, hackers, phishers and identity thieves by targeting four layers of vulnerability: networks, applications, services and data.More

All-natural 3-D Printers: Salt and Wood Can Be Used
Tech News Daily
The fast-growing field of 3-D printing has been gaining a lot of attention. But one intriguing project coming out of the University of California Berkeley aims to use natural resources like salt and wood to reduce 3-D printing costs. Professor Ronald Rael, part of Berkeley's architecture department, has been spearheading the initiative over the past few years, and he says it is now getting closer to commercialization.More

Desert Shrub Guayule May Be New Major Source of Natural Rubber
Arizona Daily Star
Twenty years ago, scientists at the University of Arizona began studying guayule, a small desert shrub farmed as a source of natural rubber. The research helped one Arizona company commercialize guayule on a limited scale, producing a virtually allergy-free latex used in medical gloves. Now, the UA is studying guayule — pronounced "why-YOU-lee" — again as the plant is poised for wide-scale commercialization, and tire makers and others look to address a projected shortage of natural rubber.More

An Innovation Ecosystem Drives Future for Nanomedicine
Northeastern University
From targeted drug delivery mechanisms to super­sensitive imaging techniques, nanotechnology holds many promises for medicine. But advances taking place in the research lab will help few patients without successful translation into clinical and commercial environments, said the director of the Nanomedicine IGERT Center, an Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship, jointly funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Cancer Institute.More

Nanyang Tech Builds its First Overseas Water Treatment Plant in Vietnam
A Nanyang Technological University startup has successfully launched its first overseas water treatment plant in Vietnam. The first of its kind in Southeast Asia, the plant is unique because it requires just one person to operate, and will be linked wirelessly via an NTU-designed network back to the Singapore office, which will oversee and manage its daily operations.More

The Promise of University IP Commercialization
Venture Atlanta
American universities have long been recognized as research power houses across a wide variety of fields. But of late, these institutions of higher learning are increasingly on the forefront of bringing new technologies to market, spawning startups and indirectly creating jobs. Georgia universities are no exception.More

A Patient-centric Look at Gene Patents
One of the central policy issues injected into the current case of AMP v. Myriad Genetics is whether the BRCA patents are good for innovation and ultimately for patients. No matter how many times these allegations are repeated, all available evidence shows concerns over research and innovation to be unfounded.More

AUTM 2014 Board of Directors – Call for Nominations
The AUTM Nominations and Awards Committee is pleased to invite all AUTM members to submit nominations for candidates to serve on the 2014 AUTM Board of Directors for the following positions:

  • President-Elect
  • Vice President for Finance
  • Vice President for Meeting Development
  • Vice President for Membership Development–Eastern Hemisphere
  • Vice President for Metrics & Surveys
  • Vice President for Professional Development

    Position descriptions.

    If you or somebody you know, would like to be considered for one of these positions, please complete the Nominee Form and email it to Vicki Loise by the June 14 deadline. More

    AUTM Announces the Better World Project Database
    The Better World Project is AUTM's key initiative for getting the word out about technology transfer and the positive impact it has on society.

    You can now go to and search for stories by keyword, institution or even geographic area and print out customizable leave-behind materials to share with your constituencies.

    Any AUTM member can also add a story to the Better World Project Database by visiting the database online to enter story details. Stories will be reviewed and approved by staff and will join the hundreds of stories already in the Better World Project Database. More

    AUTM Webinars
    AUTM Professional Development Webinars provide year-round education for technology transfer students and professionals.

    May 30, Noon-1:30 p.m. EDT
    Social Media Training: How to Effectively Implement & Evaluate Your Social Media Strategy
    Learn how to manage your social media strategy on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and even Pinterest. Learn how to assess the impact of your campaigns using a suite of free analytical tools.

    June 6, Noon-1:30 p.m. EDT
    U.S. Patent Application Process – From Start to Finish
    Enhance your understanding of the U.S. patent application process from start to finish. Includes discussion of the steps taken to obtain a U.S. patent and overviews of each part of the application — abstract, drawings, summary, claims.More

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    July 17-19
    The Hyatt Regency Indianapolis — Indianapolis, IN USA
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