AUTM Newsbrief
Sep. 13, 2012

Norwegian University of Science and Technology Scientists Patent and Commercialize GaAs Nanowires Grown on Graphene
The A to Z of Nanotechnology
Researchers at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology have patented GaAs nanowires grown on graphene, which hold potential to serve as the cornerstone for a variety of device systems and to transform the semiconductor industry. More

Ontario Brain Institute Program Helps Scientists Commercialize Research
Canadian Business
Carleton University Ph.D. student, Aliasgar Morbi, has spent his entire adult life studying mechanical engineering: he builds things and knows how they work. But that doesn’t mean he knows how to sell them. More

Louisiana Tech to Showcase Industry Partnerships at Tech Pointe Open House
The News Star
High-tech companies that capitalize on the intellectual, commercialization and research projects of Louisiana Tech University are hosting an open house to showcase projects and collaborations that are being created. More

Denver's Metro State Launches Students on a Commercial Path to Space
The Denver Post
Metropolitan State University of Denver is positioning its students to capitalize on the aerospace industry's shift toward space commercialization, including the development of spaceports. The program addresses the National Space Policy directive in support of developing private, domestic space commerce.More

Multi-functional Anti-inflammatory/Anti-allergic Developed by Hebrew University Researcher
Science Codex
A synthetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic family of drugs has been developed by a Hebrew University of Jerusalem researcher. The technology has been exclusively licensed Morria Biopharmaceuticals PLC, which is developing the drugs to treat inflammatory diseases of airways, skin and eyes.More

A Higher Written Description Standard for Negative Claim Limitations?
Patently O
Dennis Crouch's employer — the University of Missouri — owns several patents covering formulations of omeprazole proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). The patents are exclusively licensed to Santarus who markets the drugs under the brand Zegerid®. Par filed its request to make a generic version which prompted this infringement litigation. The inventor, Jeff Phillips, Pharm.D., a pharmacist at MU had the simple idea of combining omeprazole with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). The baking soda helps the drug resist stomach acids long enough to be absorbed in the stomach wall. Although not a blockbuster drug, the approach has been successful for many patients with GERD and Santarus sales are about $40 million per year. (The reported deal is that MU receives about 5 percent of sales. As the inventor, Phillips receives a small cut from that.) During litigation the patents were successfully attacked as obvious based upon a preliminary written description challenge.More

Army of Innovators Lines Energy's Road to Success
Financial Post
The challenges facing Canada's energy industry — to turn one of the most energy-and emissions-intensive resource extraction processes in the world into something more environmentally sustainable — dwarf the innovation hurdles facing other industries. To overcome them, an interconnected army of innovators is key. More

Software Could Benefit People with Speech or Mobility Issues
The Engineer
Software developed by Aberdeen University scientists may enable people with impaired speech or mobility to control their domestic environments. It is anticipated the technology could be available as a product next year.More

New Hotel Venue for AUTM Essentials and TOOLS Courses
Due to the recent hurricane in New Orleans, the AUTM TOOLS and Essentials Courses have been moved from the Westin New Orleans Canal Place to the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. The dates of the courses (Oct. 1-3) have not changed. Those already registered with questions about this change should contact AUTM at +1-847-559-0846.More

AUTM Website Committee Launches Web Upgrade
The AUTM Website Committee — comprised exclusively of AUTM volunteers — launched a major revision to its website, Based on member feedback and usability surveys, the enhancements include a navigation overhaul for an improved user experience, plus adaptability to a wide range of devices.More

AUTM 2012 Western Region Meeting
The AUTM Western Region Meeting provides insights for experienced and new technology transfer professionals. This meeting immediately follows the AUTM Leadership Forum held Nov. 13-14 in the same location. More

AUTM Offers Academic Tech Transfer and Commercialization Graduate Student Literature Review Prize
Application Deadline: Sept. 28
Supporting the efforts of emerging graduate student scholars, the Graduate Student Literature Review Prize provides an incentive to scholars to think about new ways their work can serve the technology transfer community. More

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